Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Isn't she pretty?

I am posting this picture because I just love her smile on it. It simply cheers me up to see this face.

Sometimes it baffles me how her little mind works. When she was having dinner last night, she mentioned that her bowl is broken. I explained to her that it was her plate that was broken and it broke because she was rough with it. And I told her I threw it away. Then she asked me, "why was she rough with it? Why did Laetitia do that?" I looked at her and said, "you will have to answer that." And she turned to me and said, no, "you", pointing to me "are Laetitia, I am Mummy. Why did you break the plate?". Errrrr..... I just burst out laughing. Silly thing.


Yes, it has been a while, I know. I have been busy. VERY BUSY. We had a few different friends visiting Paris and aside from that, I had been working for the last couple of weeks. So, excuses and reasons aside, what have my little pie been up to?

Well, first and foremost, she got over her fears of kiddy rides. For a long time, she refuses to go on them and would be contented with just looking at them on the side. About a week or so ago, I overheard the mother of one of her daycare mates saying that they are going to the ride and I pipe in about how Laetitia is afraid of going on them and then the brillant idea struck me. I asked if Laetitia could go with her son and off we went. It took some time before she finally relented and sat on the ride with her friend but once the ride too off "literally since it is a flying ride", there was no looking back. She asked to go on it again and was not very willing to leave eventually. From that day onwards, she has been asking to go. It's not cheap since each ride cost 2 euros. I gave it and instead of buying the tickets one by one, I bought 20 euros worth last weekend as it reduce the cost of the rides to 1 euro each when it is bought in bulk.

Here's some photos of her and her friend on the ride the very first time she went on it.

The plane is starting to take off.....
High up in the air!
Finally looking oh so very gleeful after the ride.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A day out.

We're in the south at my parents in law and since the weather is relatively good, about 25 degrees during the hottest part of the day, Laetitia spent quite a bit of time outdoor. Laetitia actually went to play in the sea yesterday afternoon at about 4pm. I thought that was a little crazy considering that the temperature in the sea is probably less then 20 degrees! When she came home, her limbs were really cold and I was just a tiny bit concerned that she might catch a cold.

Anyways, today as my father-in-law had to do some works on the boat, we decided to go to the port in HyƩres and then hang by the beach for a while. When we arrived at the port and was by the boat, we told her that it was papou and mamou's boat but she declared that NO, it was her boat. DUH. She insisted on going onto the boat so we took her on it and took some photos. She was absolutely delighted and even sang a song or two about boats while she was on it.

I am sure she will have lots of fun when we come back to Carqueiranne in August and we could take the boat out. I can't wait to see her excitment during then.

After staying on the boat for about 10 minutes, we set off for the beach which was just around the corner. I was thinking that we will probably play by the beach and maybe dip our toes in the waters but boy was I wrong. Well, what can I say? We did end up playing in the sea though that was definitely not my intentions. I had to hike my tights all the way up to my thighs and even then, it was slight wet. Laetitia though was almost totally soaked as she sat down in the water and a small wave came and splashed over her head. :p And yes, it was less then 20 degrees in the sea. My little one is defintiely one courageous girl when it comes to the cold.

We all started by playing just on the beach. As you can see, it was a beautiful clear blue day.
Slowmy, we ventured into the waters.
Checking out how deep she can go.
Realising that wet panties gives her wedges. :p Well, I guess I am to blame for her lack of proper swim/beach wear as I had naively thought that since the sea would be under 20 degrees, it would be pointless to bring them along for this trip.
She decided that she did not like wet clothes on her so the other shots of her dipping fully in the sea are all topless which I hesitate to post on an open blog.

All in all, she had good fun and I guess I have a toddler who has a high tolerance for cold unlike me.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Officially toilet training

So, for some time we have been asking Lae to pee on the potty just before her bath time and on the occasions that she says that she needs to go. However, today we started "real" toilet training in that we are just putting her in panties and not diapers. Well, it was mildly successful. She did pee once in the potty and twice in her panties (once when she was sleeping in the stroller and the other time right after we asked her to sit on the potty). She is obviously still in diapers at nights and should be for naps (except today since she fell asleep before we could put her in her diapers).

I do have a problem with poo since she does not like to sit to poo. She actually has to stand when pooing. Hmmmm...... I have to find a solution for that one.

In any case, I am hoping that since we're in the south and the weather is better she can do with just a dress and panties for next 10 days that she is here. Well, we'll see how things go.