Friday, December 28, 2007

Some photos from her garderie.

We bought a CD of some of the photos that the staff in the garderie (daycare) took of Laetitia and thought it will be nice to share some here.

Here's my darling looking oh so grown up.
Drinking during tea break time

Concentrating while working on her next masterpiece. I have to say she really enjoys drawing.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas Laetitia!

Well, she sure is very spoiled this Christmas. Just look at the family Christmas tree and you will understand why. In france, the tradition is to put a pair of your shoes under the tree so that "Pere Noel" (Father Christmas) will know where to place your presents. As you can see from the photo, the smallest pair of shoes has the largest amount of presents! And this is not inclusive of the presents waiting for her at home in Paris. I only took two of her smallest presents with us to save space in our luggages.

And this was early in the morning when she woke up and went upstairs to the main living room area where the Christmas tree is. She went straight for the presents. Well, she had a good time opening her presents which included a dining set, a CD player, a dough modelling set, a set of Winnie the Pooh self inking stamps, a tricycle and some pretty bibs.

Here are some pictures from last night (Christmas eve) as mentioned in the previous post. She had her pretty Christmas dress on and in the evening we went out to the town hall where they had a Merry-go-round and some other fun things going on.

Laetitia exploring the Christmas tree.

Enjoying her first Merry-go-round ride. Well, it is actually the second since the very first ride was with her papa but she was not exactly very keen and refused to sit on a horse. After that, I decided to go on the ride with her and it went so much better.

Just a lovely photo of us two.

A photo of her checking out her cousin Alexandre playing on the PSP.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Christmas Christmas.

We're in the south at my parents in law for the Christmas holidays. The last few days have been all about Christmas.

Last Thursdays was the Christmas party at Laetitia's garderie. We had a wonderful time meeting other parents, chatting with them and also took some time aside to thank all the staff at the garderie for taking good care of Laetitia while she is in their care. As a token of appreciation, we gave them a box of chocolates and Laetitia gave each of them a small tube of L'occitane hand cream (as an aside, I loved the cream so much I bought a tube for myself yesterday when I was shopping in Toulon).

Laetitia got to try many first food this Christmas. We gave her foie gras, some champomy and some homemade chicken liver terrine. She loved them all. I suppose there is still the smoke salmon and oysters but we'll hold back on the oysters for this year.

After her bath today, we changed her in her Christmas dress and she looks absolutely delightful. What a pretty little thing. I will definitely put some photos up. luckily, my mother in law tooks lots of pics as I totally forgot to bring my camera along. Laetitia have been enjoying her time spent with her cousin Alexandre too. All photos will be uploaded soon.


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Which Kitchen?

We want to get Laetitia a play kitchen for Christmas, on top of the numerous toys she will be showered with. There is such a wide variety it is causing me a headache. Of course there is also only a limited space in her room so I have to optimise the space and choose the perfect one.....

I love the Tefal range since it really mimics the kitchen wares that we have....

And then there are the more compact space saving ones like those below...

And then there are the ones made of wood.

Friday, December 7, 2007

At her grandparents.

We thought that we sent Laetitia down to her grandparents for a holiday but we might have been deceived. We received this email today from my mother in law.

"Vous pensiez que Laetitia était en train de passer des vacances chez papou et mamou. Erreur : elle est venue travailler mais, après l'effort, elle a le droit de se reposer un peu..."

(You think that Laetitia is having a holiday at her grandpa's and grandma's. Error: She is here to work but, after working, she is allow to rest a little...)

These photos were attached.

We joke. She is having lots of fun with my in laws. Here's another lovely pic of my darling enjoying herself in the park.