Sunday, September 30, 2007

A few current pics.

There has been a lack of photos updated recently and I finally managed to capture a couple of pictures over the weekend.

It's getting cold in Paris with the temperature dropping to less than 20 degrees. We had to make sure that she is warmly dressed when we step out of the house. This was Laetitia walking along the street of Paris.

During one of her favourite activity time, reading. She is seen here enjoying Dr. Seuss's ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book!

And playing dress up with my summer hat

And finally a pic with her mummy. Please pardon the slightly runny nose of my little chou.

A letter to my 18 months old!

My most dearest darling,

OMG! You are 18 months old, one and a half year old. I am at a lost for words (momentarily). It is both a scary and wonderful feeling. It amazes me how much you have grown and at the same time, fills me with some uneasiness on how time just seems to be slipping by and before I know it, you'll be a teenager or an adult. From a helpless baby, you are now a babbling toddler who could
almost count 1-10 in English and French, go through your alphabets and express your views with "don't want", "No", "please Mummy" (usually said with a BIG smile) and have little conversations with me. You are also become a fabulous dancer and singer.

The last 18 months have been a roller coaster ride but with much more ups than downs. Aside from becoming a first time mummy, I also had to cope with being in a strange new place (not unlike you) and learning a new language (again I'm sure you are experienced in this too). At times I worry if I am a good enough mum or I question myself in reference to my "lack" of motherly instincts considering that I started leaving you in the daycare from the tender age of 6 months old. Did I put you through much trauma in letting you cry either in the arms of "strangers" while I walked away to enjoy my afternoons by myself or when I leave you in the cot to sleep? Was I being an alpha "kiasu" mum when I started showing you flash cards when you were less than a year old?

All these insecurities I have are eradicated when I see what a joyous and happy little girl you are. People are constantly telling me how you are always smiling and seems to be a delightful child. I am so proud of you, of your cheerful personality, of all your milestones and the simple fact that you are such fun to be with. I enjoy telling people how you would say "Bravo Mummy" when I finish singing you a song or finish saying the alphabets! I am smiling from ear to ear when people tell me just how adorable you are. I love it when you try to kiss me on the lips (though I am pretending to look disgusted and give you my cheeks instead) or when you refuse a kiss from me. I enjoy our current game where you would run into my open arms and I would lift you off the ground. As much as I complain about you going "Mummy's here" in the middle of the night when you are woken up from your sleep, I am secretly smiling to myself and feeling all important.

I enjoy the last 18 months we spent together at home and I am apprehensive that it is going to change. Though it does seems timely that I should start a new full time job on Monday I know for a fact that I want to strike a balance between working and spending time with you. I love the conversations (though somewhat limited right now) we have, the laughters that we share, the games we play, the books we read together, all the moments we spend with each other and as a family. I want to continue to build this wonderful relationship we have.

I want you to know that I love you very much and so does your papa. You are our little darling and always will be.

Love always,

Friday, September 21, 2007

Bonjour Bear Bear, ça va?

Heehee. I was putting Laetitia down for her nap in her cot a little while ago when she pick up one of her stuff toys, a bear, and said to it, "Bonjour Bear Bear, ça va?" So sweet and polite it made me smile. Then she continued to babble to it. Ah.... my little one is so adorable (if I may say so. :p).

Monday, September 17, 2007

ABC time.

I realised I have been posting less recently and that is because I do not spend as much time with Laetitia anymore. She is off to daycare all week from 1pm to 7pm. She is doing well at daycare, eating her teabreak all by herself, taking naps and playing nicely with her friends.

During the mornings that we do spend together, we would mostly play with her toys and do some educational activities such as going through some flashcards. Yes, I know, she is not even one and a half. Well, we do it for fun and she enjoys it too. And when she is not interested, I would not push her to continue. Anyways, this is taken this morning after we finished going through the cards once. I thought, oh, I should totally record this down. However, she was not as interested the second time round but we managed to go through about 1/4 of the alphabets. You can see her kissing Brunie, her little "goggie". It's fun hearing her say "googie" and "elephanhan".

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Laetitia and famous people

So, Laetitia did some time travel with her papa and visited Mr. Rodin. She took a photo with him while he was in the process of creating his sculptures.

Then she time travelled back to take a photo with Mr. Jacques Chirac. Yes, of course I am kidding. We just spent the afternoon in Musée Grévin (the wax museum in Paris)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Laetitia and friends.

I was sorting out some of the photos we took in Singapore and came across some that I feel would be lovely to have on the blog. Just a few of Laetitia and the other toddlers she came into contact with during the holiday (they are all my friends kids). She is quite a sociable child and most of the time, it is not difficult to leave her alone to play with other children. I say most of the time as there are occasions when other children will make her more upset than usual but it is really quite rare.

So here's my little pie and her friends.

And here is my little "gourmand" enjoying her crab. She got to taste many different new food and fruits in Singapore including crabs, prawns, durians, rambutans, mangoteens and many others that I probably forgot.

Monday, September 3, 2007

A love for singing?

It's been a couple of weeks from the last update. I've been on the road, Florence from 26th to 29th August and then on the 29th when I got back into Paris, I was off to Futuroscope for a two day trip to celebrate my fourth wedding anniversary. After a night at home, we left again on 31st for the south of France to my parents in laws. All in all it's been a busy summer. In the meantime, Laetitia spent the week with her grandparents. I was told that she was very well behaved and loves to sing!

Apparently when she goes into the car seat for a ride, she would start singing to herself. I witness this over the last couple of days. She might not know all the words but she sure is humming and singing away. And whenever I sing to her, she is always asking for an "encore". Hah! She will probably be the only person asking for an "encore" of my out of tune singing performance. :p Let's hope she does not pick that up from me.

Aside from the singing, as I had already known since we were holidaying in Singapore, she seems to be extra fussy with me around. Don't misunderstand, she is still a cutie pie but it's harder to put her to bed and of course she whinges more. I seriously have to try to work this issue out.

Anyways, since there has been a lack of photos lately, here's some.

Enjoying the sun in the south of France

Sharing her toast with her mummy.

Two of the photos from the photoshoot in Singapore