Monday, September 3, 2007

A love for singing?

It's been a couple of weeks from the last update. I've been on the road, Florence from 26th to 29th August and then on the 29th when I got back into Paris, I was off to Futuroscope for a two day trip to celebrate my fourth wedding anniversary. After a night at home, we left again on 31st for the south of France to my parents in laws. All in all it's been a busy summer. In the meantime, Laetitia spent the week with her grandparents. I was told that she was very well behaved and loves to sing!

Apparently when she goes into the car seat for a ride, she would start singing to herself. I witness this over the last couple of days. She might not know all the words but she sure is humming and singing away. And whenever I sing to her, she is always asking for an "encore". Hah! She will probably be the only person asking for an "encore" of my out of tune singing performance. :p Let's hope she does not pick that up from me.

Aside from the singing, as I had already known since we were holidaying in Singapore, she seems to be extra fussy with me around. Don't misunderstand, she is still a cutie pie but it's harder to put her to bed and of course she whinges more. I seriously have to try to work this issue out.

Anyways, since there has been a lack of photos lately, here's some.

Enjoying the sun in the south of France

Sharing her toast with her mummy.

Two of the photos from the photoshoot in Singapore


Anonymous said...

Love the last photo! Sounds like a very exciting summer!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra,
I love the photo shoots. These are very well done. Which studio did you use? It's unfortunate that it's in Singapore as we won't be going back so soon. Not with a terrible-threes enfant and a new baby!

Anonymous said...

It was a fun but at the same time rather tiring summer. I think next year I'll slow down on the holidays. :p

K, we had the photos done at a studio called STUDIOLOFT. They are very fun to work with. It's the second time we've gone to them.