Monday, February 20, 2012

Loic's 3rd birthday!

Happy Birthday my little darling!

It's Loic's birthday today and I had been terribly busy the last week preparing for it. The bulk of my time was spent making Loic his birthday cake, a Thomas the Train Engine cake. It is the first time I try making a 3D cake and the first time using fondant. And oh my goodness was it a tough job. It took me a total of 10 hours to complete the job.

I started making the face on Thursday night, spending 4 hours in total baking 7 small chocolate cake (3 of which I brought to the office the next day) and creating Thomas' face with fondant.

Check out the face right after it was made.

Thereafter, on Saturday, I went on to baking more cake as more was required. I also had to prepare all the fondant as I had to complete the cake that evening to bring it to church the next day for the birthday celebration. I started work at about 5pm and only finished slightly passed midnight!

The steps it took to complete the process of making the cake.

When I woke up in the morning, Loic ran to me very excitedly and said "THANK YOU MUMMY for making my Thomas cake!" My helper had shown him the cake before I was up. He also happily brought his papa to the fridge to show him the cake. Loic was definitely very pleased and happily shared with everyone that his mummy made him a Thomas cake. I'm glad that even though Thomas did not turn out perfectly, to my little boy, it was special. Here's when we brought it to church to celebrate!