Tuesday, November 28, 2006

She sat on her own!!!

Today at exactly 2.15pm (or thereabouts), Laetitia managed to get into a sitting position on her own for the FIRST TIME! Yippeeee Lae Lae.

Lae is currently sick. She was running a fever last night, was vomitting and has diarrhoea. My poor baby. I spent the entire night with her sleeping on the guest bed in her room as she was feeling very uncomfortable and would cry whenever I put her back in her cot. Anyways, today she has been a little clingy and I spent most of the time with her on my bed.

As we were preparing to take her nap on my bed, she was playing around and I noticed that she was trying to get into a sitting position from her belly. She tried for a couple of times and then WALAH! She did it! I was so excited that I broke out into loud claps and shouts of "BRAVO LAE LAE". She was so pleased with herself she started laughing. :-) I immediately called her papa and told him of her achievement. Heehee... what a proud mummy I am.

On a side note, I pray that she will recover soon. It breaks my heart to see her so sick. Then again, I have to say that Lae is such a cheerful baby, even when she is sick, she is still smiling most of the time. :-)

Friday, November 24, 2006

Laetitia's first winter.

The weather is slowly getting cold and it's time to put on more clothes for Lae. She looks so cute in winter wear.

These pictures are not very well taken but the model is cute. :p

Getting all ready to go to the garderie (daycare). She is doing very well at the garderie now. It was a little tough on the first few days. She cried the moment I stepped out of the room. Now, she is able to stay there by herself for more than an hour without becoming upset. Today I will try leaving her for 2 hours. The aim is to finally be able to leave her there for half a day (about 6 hours).The above photo was taken right outside our door. It looks like a mess now as they are doing renovations to the common areas.

Monday, November 20, 2006

"Mum mum"

This is the first word that Lae is saying with actual recognition. She actually associates the word with it's meaning!!! Sadly, "mum mum" does not refer to me, her mummy. It refers to food. Yes, that's what she will say everything it's mealtime. When I bring her food to her, she will happily look at her food and say "mum mum". Or when I am eating, she will look at my food and goes "mum mum".

Well, at least I hope she'll soon be able to call me "ma ma" or "mi mi" or something!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Family photo shoot

We took the opportunity that we're in Singapore to do a professional photo shoot for the family. I've always wanted to do that for Lae since she was born. Heck, I've wanted to do a shoot since I was pregnant but it was just too expensive to get one done in Paris.

We had the shoot done at the wonderful place called The Studioloft and were very pleased with the results. Here's a selection of some of the pics.

The Lastennet family

Laetitia and papa shots

Laetitia and mummy shots

And finally, Laetitia all by herself.

Ain't she just about the cutest baby! :-D

After 5 1/2 weeks in Singapore... (Part II)

Laetitia had many "firsts" in Singapore. She first said "papa" in Singapore just a couple of days before Etienne arrived. She also started to become more mobile. She was able to move by sliding her body on the floor. Check out the video.

We had a relatively busier time once Etienne got to Singapore. More friends to meet up with and things to do. And of course Lae's papa was trying to spent some good quality time with his darling daughter.

Here's papa and daughter bonding through swimming.

Bonding through shopping! We had to visit the newest shopping mall in Singapore, Viviocity.

Taking the MRT (Singapore's public transportation system) together.

Finally Lae being packed as we're getting ready to leave Singapore!

After 5 1/2 weeks in Singapore...

We're glad to be home in Paris. We (all of us, Laetitia, Etienne and myself) thoroughly enjoyed oureslves in Singapore but I guess it's been a long time away from home. I started to realise that I refer to Paris as HOME and Singapore is a place that I visit now. How interesting. Of course for Laetitia, Paris is home. That's the only home she knows of (for now).

Since it has been about 3 weeks since I last updated, this is going to be a LONG post with an overload of photos so be prepared!

Laetitia and some family members...

With her cousin Valerie

With more of her cousins, Natalia and Benjamin

With her Doreen YiYi (that's how she addresses my sister)

With my friends...

With Auntie Michelle.... when we had lunch at Marmalade with her and Auntie Carol (Foo) who is not in the photo.

With Uncle Stanley and little Nemo, Uncle Joe, Auntie Karen and little Rachel, and Uncle Jason and Auntie Josephine.

With my ex-colleagues from BNP Paribas and their spouses plus kids.

With Auntie Cynthia.

With Auntie Jaimie.

With Auntie Carol.

The photo with Carol was taken on the same day that Lae Lae went for an advertisement photo shoot for Suzuki cars. The ad agency that Carol worked for was looking for a baby for a shoot while we were in Singapore and Carol showed them this blog! Long story short, we got the job, well, it's more like Lae got the job, we went for the shoot and now I'm eagerly waiting to see the final result.

There are more to blog and photos to post but I think I'll leave that to part two of this post.