Sunday, April 29, 2007

13 months old and growing!

My baby is 13 months old today. Sometimes I seem to think that she should be older than that. She is growing to be such a little princess. After finding out last Friday that she is not a play on the grass baby, we found out today that she seems to have equal distaste for sand! What a prim and proper girl.

We are off in the south of France visiting my in laws. Here's my baby in the TGV from Paris to Toulon. There's a video of her tapping on the table together with her mummy. :)

Here's my little pie doing what she loves in her grandparents, terrorising the family cat, Câline.

A little on her growth. She is finally gaining more weight. She is 8.9kgs and measures 77cm. A very lean and tall baby.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

A day in the park

The last couple of days have been BEAUTIFUL here in Paris. A glorious sunny 27 degrees. Parisa and I decided to take the babies out and enjoy a bit of the sun. Truth be told, I am not too much of a park person. When Parisa asked me on Tuesday which park do I normally take Laetitia to, I had to sheepishly tell her that I don't take my little pie to walk in a park. I am not exactly keen on having Laetitia crawl on the grass and put things (like grass or dirt) in her mouth. Anal. I know.

So anyways, I decided maybe I should change that and we did go to the park today. We went to Square de la Roquette which is about 10 mins walk from our apartment. I finally had the opportunity to use the pretty picnic mat that I bought for Laetitia.

As you can see from the photo, the park is crowded. There were mothers with their babies, grandparents with their grandchild (as evident from the background of the photo), young couples, single females reading... It was tough finding a spot under the tree.

Soon we were joined by Olivia and her baby Max. Here's an attempt to take a photo of the three little ones. Not quite a kodah moment but at least a photo that shows the face of all three.
And here's more of Milly and Laetitia.

And I cannot resist putting this very lovely photo of Milly. What a sweet smile.
Oh, and I do not have to worry about Laetitia crawling on the grass. She HATES it. She absolutely refuses to go near the grass. The first time she accidentally put her hand on the grass, she immediately removed her hand and had this disgusted look on her face! My oh my, that little PRINCESS. I tried to entice her to step/crawl onto the grass and she would not bulge. It was really funny. It seemed as if there was this invisible fence on the edge of the mats. Well, that's truly my girl. :p

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Coffee time with Ivana and Baby Bel

Yesterday I took Laetitia with me to Cafe Marly (a tres chic joint in the Louvre museum). We met up with Ivana and Baby Bel (Isabelle). It was lovely seeing them and it was the first time Laetitia met Baby Bel. Here's my little one trying to get acquainted with Baby Bel.

"Oh my gosh Mummy. It's a little baby!"

And here is the pretty mummy Ivana with her precious darling.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Just cruising along...

So, I guess I was wrong. It's not that she was not so interested in walking but rather her mummy did not provided her with the space to walk! DUH! Over the weekend, we decided to allow Laetitia more freedom in the apartment. She used to be confined to her playing area in her room. We finally allowed her to crawl around the hallway and the living room. And boy did she enjoy herself.

And it was then that I realised she did enjoy cruising up and down the hallway with her pusher toy. Here's my little baby going down the hall towards mummy and then back up towards her papa. She was having SO MUCH fun.

"Mummy! I'm coming to get you!"

And of course it is still fun to climb onto the toy.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Beautiful weekend.

The weather is beautiful this afternoon and so we took the little pie out for a walk.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Climbing, reading....

So, my little one seems to be totally uninterested in walking. Hmmmm..... She got her walking toy (a present from Auntie Jaimie) before her birthday and though I have been trying to get her interested in using it to help her to learn to walk, she is totally not interested. Instead, the toy is MUCH more fun when it is used as a climbing object. She just loves to climb onto the toy. She now has numerous bruises on her right leg (I will attempt to take some photos soon) as she would use it to support her body weight as she climbs onto the toy. Below is a photo of her just after she descended (I was not fast enough getting the camera) and her giving me a sheepish grin. She does stand very well on her own so I guess I'll just not be an overly competitive mummy worrying about when she would walk and compares her with her peers.

Updated: Bruise pic.

On a different note, Laetitia loves to be read to (obviously she does not and cannot read by herself yet) and enjoys flipping though her books. It could be that I have cultivated that habit in her by reading to her all the time since she was born. Now every morning, while she is having her breakfast, I would read two to three books with her and sometimes continue with some flash cards. It helps to entertain her while she is being fed. Her favourite right now is "The very hungry caterpillar". I would read the book and do the baby sign for caterpillar (finger crawling up the arm) and she would repeat the sign (but do it on my arm instead of hers) and laugh loudly when I exclaim "AH caterpillar!".

Just yesterday she received four board books in the post. They were presents from Auntie Carol(Foo) and Auntie Elin. Thank you both so much for the books. I'm looking forward to reading them to her. In fact, she loves board books so much that one of the caregivers in her garderie (daycare) made it a note to mention to me that she loves flipping through the books and that I should get her some. Hahaha, she did not know that Laetitia already has a very decent collection of books and it's increasing. I hope she will continue to enjoy books (either being read to or eventually reading them herself).

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Chatty cool baby.

I had a wonderful three days by myself doing touristy stuff (visiting the Opera, chateau de versailles and having coffee in the Louvre) last week but I am so happy to have my baby and hubby home. :-) It seems that Laetitia had a good time with her mamou and papou (that's how she calls her paternal grandparents). She loves the space she has to crawl around and enjoys chasing after the cat. We'll be off to visit them again at the end of the month and this time we might attempt to leave the little pie behind for a couple of days to a week while we return to Paris by ourselves. Wish us luck and success.

Recently Laetitia has been babbling A LOT. She is talkative like her mummy although we have no idea what in the world she is saying. Here's a fun video of her happily telling her mummy some of her adventures. And as usual, her mummy was trying to get her to say "mama" and as usual, she did not have much success. :-(

The little cheeky monster had to end the video by trying to stick her finger in her nose. hmmmm.....

Anyways, here's her striking a cool relaxing pose after she finished her dinner.

Monday, April 9, 2007

A little trip without Mummy!!??!

My little pie is on her first trip without her mummy! Waahhhhh..... I am not sure if it's her crying or me! Well, actually neither. She probably does not even realise that I am not on the trip with her. She has her precious papa right by her side (and I say this lovingly). This little chouchou really loves her papa. She was so happy when he came home from work on Friday after not seeing her for the last 2 days. Absolutely delirious with joy.

Anyways, Etienne has taken her to the south to his parents for two days leaving me alone in Paris. It is taking time to sink into me that I AM ALONE! I wonder if my darling misses me yet. :p

Friday, April 6, 2007


Increasingly, I have been letting Laetitia feed herself certain portions of her meals. She would usually feed herself her fruits during lunchtime from Fridays to Mondays (Tuesdays to Thursdays are out as we are usually rushing to finish lunch and get ourselves to the garderie). She gets to try to use a spoon to scoop her puree into her mouth but most of the time, she is too distracted and impatient to want to do it for long. However, she LOVES stuffing whole pieces of food in her mouth so fruits are the perfect way to supplement this "training sessions". I think I might try giving her pasta and cheese when I'm more courageous with regards to the probable mess it will create!

Over dinners she would be given some cheese toast to self feed and she would throw a little tantrum if I'm too slow getting her toast to her. Sigh.....

Anyways, here's a couple of pics taken when she's happily eating her oranges and banana (or "nana" as she happily calls it).

"HEY MUMMY! What are you doing? Can you let me eat in private?"
"You're unbelievable Mummy.! I look a mess! Yogurt on my face and all.... Hmmmm."


"Sigh.... you're not going away are you? I'm going to enjoy my banana no matter how much you annoy me."

Sunday, April 1, 2007

A one year photo diary.

She's a BIG girl now.

When she was born, she weighed 3.48kgs and measured 51cms. Now, she is about 8.5kgs and measures about 74cm (estimation since she has not been weighed or measured recently).

Here's a little photo collage.