Saturday, April 28, 2007

A day in the park

The last couple of days have been BEAUTIFUL here in Paris. A glorious sunny 27 degrees. Parisa and I decided to take the babies out and enjoy a bit of the sun. Truth be told, I am not too much of a park person. When Parisa asked me on Tuesday which park do I normally take Laetitia to, I had to sheepishly tell her that I don't take my little pie to walk in a park. I am not exactly keen on having Laetitia crawl on the grass and put things (like grass or dirt) in her mouth. Anal. I know.

So anyways, I decided maybe I should change that and we did go to the park today. We went to Square de la Roquette which is about 10 mins walk from our apartment. I finally had the opportunity to use the pretty picnic mat that I bought for Laetitia.

As you can see from the photo, the park is crowded. There were mothers with their babies, grandparents with their grandchild (as evident from the background of the photo), young couples, single females reading... It was tough finding a spot under the tree.

Soon we were joined by Olivia and her baby Max. Here's an attempt to take a photo of the three little ones. Not quite a kodah moment but at least a photo that shows the face of all three.
And here's more of Milly and Laetitia.

And I cannot resist putting this very lovely photo of Milly. What a sweet smile.
Oh, and I do not have to worry about Laetitia crawling on the grass. She HATES it. She absolutely refuses to go near the grass. The first time she accidentally put her hand on the grass, she immediately removed her hand and had this disgusted look on her face! My oh my, that little PRINCESS. I tried to entice her to step/crawl onto the grass and she would not bulge. It was really funny. It seemed as if there was this invisible fence on the edge of the mats. Well, that's truly my girl. :p

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