Monday, April 9, 2007

A little trip without Mummy!!??!

My little pie is on her first trip without her mummy! Waahhhhh..... I am not sure if it's her crying or me! Well, actually neither. She probably does not even realise that I am not on the trip with her. She has her precious papa right by her side (and I say this lovingly). This little chouchou really loves her papa. She was so happy when he came home from work on Friday after not seeing her for the last 2 days. Absolutely delirious with joy.

Anyways, Etienne has taken her to the south to his parents for two days leaving me alone in Paris. It is taking time to sink into me that I AM ALONE! I wonder if my darling misses me yet. :p

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Anonymous said...

She does miss you darling! She's been saying 'mama' much more often than usual and I can tell she'd like a big hug from her mummy sometimes. We'll both be delighted to be back on Tuesday night. Love you loads!