Friday, April 6, 2007


Increasingly, I have been letting Laetitia feed herself certain portions of her meals. She would usually feed herself her fruits during lunchtime from Fridays to Mondays (Tuesdays to Thursdays are out as we are usually rushing to finish lunch and get ourselves to the garderie). She gets to try to use a spoon to scoop her puree into her mouth but most of the time, she is too distracted and impatient to want to do it for long. However, she LOVES stuffing whole pieces of food in her mouth so fruits are the perfect way to supplement this "training sessions". I think I might try giving her pasta and cheese when I'm more courageous with regards to the probable mess it will create!

Over dinners she would be given some cheese toast to self feed and she would throw a little tantrum if I'm too slow getting her toast to her. Sigh.....

Anyways, here's a couple of pics taken when she's happily eating her oranges and banana (or "nana" as she happily calls it).

"HEY MUMMY! What are you doing? Can you let me eat in private?"
"You're unbelievable Mummy.! I look a mess! Yogurt on my face and all.... Hmmmm."


"Sigh.... you're not going away are you? I'm going to enjoy my banana no matter how much you annoy me."

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