Thursday, July 31, 2008

Saw the little shrimp jumping around

Had another ultrasound today and we heard the heartbeat AND saw the little shrimp jumping around in the womb. It is so amazing! Sorts of cancel out my horrible discomfort yesterday of having to vomit three times. Well, sort of. :p

Here are some updates of the little one.

Heartbeat rate of 174bpm.
Head to toe of about 38-42 mm depending on which angle he/she was measured.

Everything else looks very good as explained by the doctor. From the measurements, I should be 10 1/2 weeks. Anyways, I made a ticker for the pregnancy. Here it is.

Monday, July 28, 2008


The day that I have been waiting patiently for! Her hair is long enough to be tied up into two little pony tails. :-p

Ain't she cute with her little pony tails? So girlish.
A closer look of her hair.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

And the vomiting starts...

Yes, it just did and it felt horrible. I am now almost 10 weeks pregnant and if my memory does not fail me, it started around the same time when I was pregnant with Laetitia too.

I started taking the medication prescribed by my doctor so hopefully that will help. Gosh, this pregnancy business is really hard work. I have to remind myself that this is my last pregnancy. I am so done with this being pregnant business. I wanted two kids so there goes.

Thankfully, I have Laetitia in the daycare everyday. I cannot imagine if I have to handle her all day. My poor little darling is getting the short end of the stick with me being so tired. My nanny comes over some days so at least she has someone to really entertain her and take her to the parks in the mornings. I am only capable of watching her play while I rest on her bed most of the time on top of making her breakfast and lunch. She is being understanding most of the time though, always asking me if I am feeling better. :-) If anything, I really want to regain my strength so that I can have a more normal time with her.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tired, tired and more tiredness...

I am so tired. I sleep at least 12 hrs a day and I still feel all drained all the freaking time! I have not experienced the same degree of morning sickness as before, e.g no real vomiting yet but there were a couple of close calls.

I am really looking forward to all these discomfort to be over and done with. I can vaguely remember being discomfort free around 20ish weeks so I guess there is a period of time during the pregnancy that I will feel like normal. :p

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fête de fin d'année!

It's the school year end and the halte garderie had a party on the 4th of July. So yes again this post is LATE LATE LATE. But don't blame me. :p

It was a really fun party and they had a travelling farm, Tiligolo come into the daycare! It came with a little performance and after that, the kids could pat the animals. There were all sorts of farm animals and Laetitia had tons of fun.

To start off, We introduce the goat! Nope, not the one in blue, that's my little girl Laetitia. The goat, errrrr, is behind Laetitia.
Having a chance to pat a little duckling.
Being excited watching her friends.
Kids and parents enjoying the spectacle.
Check out all the animals! There was a goat, a piglet, a lamb, chickens, a duck, a goose, ducklings, rabbits, a hen, a rooster etc.
A group picture of the caregivers. Laetitia is sitting on the lap of the principal of the daycare. They are all fabulous with her and she absolutely adores them.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

First ultrasound

We (Etienne and I) saw the baby today. We even saw the blinking heartbeat although we did not hear it since my doctor was doing a trans virginal ultrasound and she said the noise would be too loud. But whatever! We saw the baby and he/she is well and alive!

I am so relieved. After 3 miscarriages, there is always this fear but I have to trust the Lord and his blessings. This pregnancy is unexpected and it has to be His gift. Thank you Jesus!

We told Laetitia about this baby in my belly in few days ago and she has been quite sweet about it, sometimes asking to pat the belly.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More on Singapore

Sorry for the delay but I have been feeling under the weather since coming back to Paris. So yes, this post is backdated. :p

Here are some of the photos from the trip in Singapore.

Trying out a horsey ride in Suntec City. She could not get the horse to move by itself and was kindly helped by Michelle's third kid, Melanie.
In a play gym at Big Splash. I believe it was called Frisk & Romp. I was just telling Etienne how it is overpriced in Singapore. It cost $14 an hour and compared to what we have in Paris (I am specifically thinking of Kooney Planet that Laetitia loves), is pathetically small.
Hanging out with Auntie Eileen in Raffles City.
Trying out eating with chopsticks. She actually managed to get some rice into her mouth. Bravo!
With my sister's helper, Janet. Janet was a big help in looking after Lae when we were in Singapore.