Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More on Singapore

Sorry for the delay but I have been feeling under the weather since coming back to Paris. So yes, this post is backdated. :p

Here are some of the photos from the trip in Singapore.

Trying out a horsey ride in Suntec City. She could not get the horse to move by itself and was kindly helped by Michelle's third kid, Melanie.
In a play gym at Big Splash. I believe it was called Frisk & Romp. I was just telling Etienne how it is overpriced in Singapore. It cost $14 an hour and compared to what we have in Paris (I am specifically thinking of Kooney Planet that Laetitia loves), is pathetically small.
Hanging out with Auntie Eileen in Raffles City.
Trying out eating with chopsticks. She actually managed to get some rice into her mouth. Bravo!
With my sister's helper, Janet. Janet was a big help in looking after Lae when we were in Singapore.

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Anonymous said...

haha..happy birthday to petite..

she is so..cute!
I just having a baby girl..
Nice to meet you in this blog!