Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Laetitia!

It's been a crazy month. We finally picked up the keys to our new apartment on Friday the 26th and on the 27th, I organised Laetitia's 4th birthday party at our place! In less than 24 hours, I had to have pick up the keys, do the handover with the property agents, buy some basic stuff from Ikea, buy stuff/drinks/cleaning products etc for the house, send my helper over in the morning of the 27th to help clean the place, rush back to my parents to help the one-man show delivery guy move 4 luggages, 4 boxes, a baby cot etc, deal with the organisation of the party and then go back to my parents to pick them and my little boy.

I was exhausted but Laetitia had lots of fun! That in itself is a great satisfaction. This is her first major birthday party. It is already considered contained as I only invited a few friends (3) and their kids. The rest are family with small children. Laetitia was overwhelmed with presents and had enjoyed herself thorough.

Here are of course the obligatory photos.

The amazing cake I ordered from Bakerzin. It not only looked good, but taste great too.

Presents opening time. My family and friends totally spoiled her with so much toys.

A bicycle from her paternal grandparents.

Her little brother trying out the bike. I think he is a little too small for it. :p

Monday, March 15, 2010

TWO unaided steps!

The little boy has been cruising around for a while but this morning, he took TWO, yes exactly two steps all by himself! YAY LOIC!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Apartment search

We have been busy looking for a permanent place to live in and have visited about 20 different places in the last week or so. Some of them are really arty/designer styled, some cosy and others, not so interesting. Here are a couple of the apartments we looked at.

The next few photos show the apartment that I really quite like but there is a huge construction right infront of the living room balcony so eventually we did not go for it.

And this is what we are going to go for. We'll do one more viewing to confirm the unit is okay and then proceed with the formalities. It fulfills a very important desire of Etienne, there is no balcony in the living room area, just a little one in the master bedroom.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Some moments of fun for the kids

We're slowly settling down in Singapore and the kids are enjoying themselves in the meantime.

Here's a little video of what they have been up to.

And here are some photos.

Laetitia and Vanessa, the eldest daughter of my good friend Michelle. Laetitia just loves Vanessa and keeps asking to see her and the feeling is mutual.
Here's the kids visiting my auntie/uncle and cousin/cousin-in-law on the last day of Chinese New Year for "yusheng".

Laetitia enjoying some love letters (egg rolls), traditional Chinese New Year goodies.
With my cousin in law and auntie.
Loïc with his favourite toy, a remote control. He is remote control obsessed right now, so much so that my cousins ask if we have them at home. Well, we do but we do not allow him to play with them. :p