Thursday, May 28, 2009

Flipping on his own.

First "major" skill development this week! Loïc learnt to flip from belly to back on his left side!

Go Loïc Go!

Well, on Monday, while we were having some belly time, I showed him how to use his right hand to push himself from the belly position back to his back and after helping him two or three times, he got it! He started doing it himself and for the next two days, he was able to do it a couple of times everytime we had belly time. And since yesterday, he was able to flip himself every single time I put him on the belly. :-) Well, I am not sure if it is such a good thing since he dislikes belly time and now it means that he will be getting himself back on his back instead of spending some time on his belly. Ah the first of mobility!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New hair cut

Laetitia is away in the south with her papa while I decided to stay behind with Loïc. They left yesterday. When they arrived in the south, Etienne asked me if they could bring Laetitia to the hairdresser for a haircut knowing that I have been trying to grow her hair. The thing about Laetitia's hair is that it is very fine and a little too wispy at the back. I agreed and asked that it be a trim and not too short. Well, this is the result.

Right after the cut outside the salon.
Well, apparently she is very pleased with it. You can kind of see it in her face, a very smug look. As for me, I'm not a big fan, a little too short for my liking but then what's done is done. It looks cute, just way shorter than what I would have asked for but then, hair grows right? I guess I should have taken the initiative to bring her to a hairdresser earlier and given the instructions to the hairdresser myself. Next time. :p

Anyways, here's more photos.

And for the sake of comparison, here's one I took two weeks ago.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Centerparc Sologne

We went on a little holiday to Centerparc Sologne over the weekend (Friday to Monday). It is a lovely vacation resort set in the countryside of Les Hauts de Bruyères. The entire concept of Centerparcs is vacations in nature with plenty of activities. Most of the parks/resorts have a huge indoor water activities area with slides for all ages, waves pools etc, indoor and outdoor activities for adults and kids, and many restaurants within the compound. Basically we do not need to leave the resort once we are there.

We booked ourselves a two bedroom VIP villa for the stay and prepaid for three meals within any of the restaurants in the compound. Since we drove there, we brought along some food to cook for some of our meals and some breakfast stuff.

There is really a lot of things to do in the resort. The favourite part of the vacation for Laetitia had to be the indoor pools. She just love love love being in there. The waves pool and the kids slide are top on the list. On the first day,m something silly happened. Etienne told me she loved the slides and mentioned that Laetitia would show them to me. Anyways, I misunderstood the directions and ended up taking Laetitia to the adults slide. As the slides are of the same colour, she insisted that she did go on them and I happily decided to take her with me. And boy did I almost scare her off the slides for a while. The adult slides are really fast and the plunge into the water a little harsh that even I was a little taken back not to mention a small little three year old. However, all my brave little girl did was look a little shocked and did not in any way cry or whimper. And then she agreed to go on another of the adult slide with me (which again, I misunderstood to be one that is a little slower than the first one we went on). Opps mummy! Of course she did say that she does not want to go on them anymore. When I finally realised my mistake, I felt really bad for a while. Luckily for me, I managed to redeemed myself by getting her to go back onto the babies (0-3 years old) and after the kids (3-8 years old) slides.

On the other hand, Loïc did not like being in the pool very much. The first day he went into the waves pool which was about 29 degrees celcius and was not happy at all. It was too cold for him. On the second day, we tried the baby pool which was 32 degrees celcius and he tolerated it slightly better but soon started to get upset. And on the third day, I decided that I will just stay in the villa with him while Etienne and Laetitia went off to the pool before meeting them for dinner.

Here's little sumo before getting into the pool.
For the rest of the time, I had initially hoped that Laetitia will be able to do some outdoor activities such as pony riding but the weather was quite bad when we were there so she ended up doing indoor stuff most of the time. She played a lot in the kids' play structure, tried her hands on mini golf, ride a bike with her papa, played air hockey with both her papa and I, went on a electric car circuit etc.

Loïc and I in the villa.
The master of the universe.
Papa and son, abeit a bit of a squishy face son.

Laetitia and I on the merry go round.
Three of us in the restaurant.

Papa and daughter outside our villa.
Totally crashed out after on the drive back.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Petit Papa Noel version two!

More then a year ago, I post about how Laetitia loves to sing and uploaded some videos. Well, she still loves to sing and her all time favourite remains the French Christmas song, Petit Papa Noel. So here is my girl singing the song more then a year later

And here is a look at her old post where you are see the video taken during in January 2008.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Baby

Loïc is becoming more and more interactive. He laughs and smiles so readily now.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My little artist

As with all kids, Laetitia loves to draw, colour and paint. On her third birthday, her auntie (Etienne's sister) bought her an easel. She has been using it a lot and yesterday we finally got down to doing some painting. It took so long because I had not been able to buy her the paint brush as she had repeatedly asked me. So, after I got my act together and got her the brush, she was very excited to start painting.

Here is a series of photos of her painting away and being ever so proud of her work.

I try as much as possible to indulge her in the things she loves to do even if it may seem that the particular activity would create a lot of mess. Firstly, I believe in helping my child to develope her interest/gift/talent. Secondly, I also believe that my child should be taught to help to clean up if she made a mess and of course, not to be afraid to make a mess if it is necessary! In the same breath, Laetitia has also been taught to keep things clean and tidy. If anything, in all the time she took to do the painting, there was not a splash of paint outside of the easel. In fact, her plastic apron was all clean too. I am very proud of her being so well controlled while painting away.

Recently she made a drawing too. Here it is.
When I asked her about this drawing, her answers made me laugh. I was asking her what her drawing was about and she said it's two person but the two had no hair. Then she smile and said it's because they are her papou (Etienne's dad) and papy Jean (Etienne's granddad) as they have no hair! :p Well, indeed both her papou and papy Jean are quite bald.