Monday, April 4, 2016

Bringing Back the Romance in a Marriage after Children

The last year had been hectic.  We made a number of big changes to our lives and one of the most significantly lifestyle changing decision was to stop having a live-in domestic helper.

Since then, one of the setbacks was the difficulty for the hubby and I to have an afternoon or two by ourselves.   We used to do weekly date nights and obviously that was no longer easily done.  I would have to ask one of my nieces or my mum to come and babysit the children if we wanted to go out.  I avoided doing that too often as my mum would come over once a week to help with the children when I go off for my evening classes (I'm doing a part time course at the moment).

Finally after a few months, hubby and I realised that we both missed spending quality time with one another.  So, this new plan evolved.  The husband will take one day off every other month so that we can have a good part of the day together, from the time the kids go to school around 7:30am to the time they get home, around 4:15pm!  And so, today was it..... and it was perfect!

The husband woke up early to get the kids ready for school but came back into bed so we managed to sleep in a little together.  It was lovely waking up gently without the kids barging into the bedroom.  After getting ready, we went out for breakfast and I managed to show him a nice little cafe, Baker and Cook, that is close by to us.  We never went together prior as weekends are usually crazy and I know the cafe would be busy and I do not like my mornings to be hassled!

After a nice little breakfast, we went into town and tried to do some shopping but was sort of unsuccessful.  However, that did not get us down.  The highlight of the day was spending almost two hours having lunch at Les Amis.  The lunch was good but it was simply the experience of enjoying each others' company that made it all the more special.  We did not have to look at the time wondering if it was time to go.  It was as if time had stopped for us.  Our conversation was casual, there was no urgent to-be-discussed topics that we had to settle as we frequently do at home, having to consult each other on decisions to be made.  It was just us, having a light-hearted conversation and purely enjoying each others' company and realising that we really like to spend time with each other.

Both of us enjoying our lunch and being with each other.