Saturday, July 9, 2005

The Beginning:There was a very faint line!

This morning I did a test just after I got up. I sat on the toilet bowl waiting for the results and was hoping that there would be a positive line. The results started showing and it only reflected a single line. I felt disappointed. This is only my 13 dpo and I've already tested 3 times. Does this not shout IMPATIENT? Well, anyways, I left the test on top of the sink (about 1 mins after the test) and went off to sit infront of the computer and read my emails, play a game or two... It was about 1 hr later than I went back into the toilet to get a shower. I was about to throw the kit away when I took a quick look at the test kit and low and behold, there was a VERY FAINT positive line. I called out to hubby and asked him if he sees the line. He reminded me that the test instructions did say that results after 5 mins is non-conclusive and therefore I should not be too excited. He suggested that I test again tomorrow. I wanted to test again there and then but he dissuaded me.
So, I guess I'll test again tomorrow but I know deep inside my heart that the Lord is blessing us with a little one. He's answering our prayers. I will definitely test again tomorrow to get a much more affirmative result.
To me, a line is a line is a line, faint or not, after 5 mins or more.

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