Friday, July 15, 2005

1st Trimester: Pregnancy and Chinese Medication

Two days ago I decided to pop over to a Chinese Medical Hall (CMH) in Chinatown to get some tonic to nourish myself. There is a chinese doctor in this particular CMH and after explaining that I have had 2 miscarriages before and I want to take something to "protect" the fetus, she called me into the small room to take my pulse and check my tongue etc to provide a better diagnostic.
So, the chinese doctor told me that my "constitution" is weak and I should avoid cooling food like watermelons, cold drinks and particularly NO ICE CREAM. I love ice-cream but luckily I seem to not have any craving for it. And I should also aviod smooth fruits like bananas and mangos. Aside from that, she said that I should not be dress in those skimpy little dress and should put on pants to keep my womb warm at all times. We'll see about that part. It's a scorching 40 degrees in Toronto now and she wants me to wear pants all the time.... hmmmmm....
After the diagnostic, she went ahead to pick our my prescription for me. Chinese prescription is different from western medication. Chinese prescription involves mixing numerous herbs together. I think there was about 10 to 15 different herbs/plants that she mixed together into a pack. She packed three packages for me. I was told that I have to mix them with 4 bowls of water and boil it till only one bowl of water is left. I am to take this once every 2 days. After she is finished with that, she also crushed this rectangular block of black stuff and split it into 4 portions and told me to boil each portion with some lean meat and drink the soup. I am suppose to take this after I finish the 3 packets of herbal prescription she picked.
I started boiling the first packet of the herbs that night and the whole apartment smell so strongly of the herbs. I think Etienne didn't really like the "scent". After about 1 1/2 hours of boiling, the soup is ready to be consumed. Seriously, it looked a little disgusting.... All black and muddy. And it did taste YUCKY too. I had to FORCE myself to drink it down. I had to leave a bit behind as it was way too thick at the bottom and I would have puked if I continued. The things I have to put myself through for baby. But, if it works, I would happily drink a bowl a day. Anything as long as it will keep baby growing healthily in my womb.

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