Monday, April 21, 2008

What Laetitia loves to do.

Aside from singing that is. She still loves to sing. On Friday evening when I went to pick her up from the daycare, I was told that she had been singing the entire afternoon. :p Now just in case you think that she is a one talent kid, I assure you she is not. She is definitely multi-talented. She loves to dance too. Don't believe me? Check out this short clip. There is not much light and it's sideways but you'll get the picture. :p

And when she is not singing or dancing, she could be seen "reading" (flipping through her books), playing, counting, playing big sister to her dolls and stuff toys by reading to them, cooking for them or even putting them to bed with the usual night routine that I use on her. These videos were taken probably a couple of weeks to a month earlier.

Here she is reading with me.

And here she is counting by herself.

And when she is not doing any of the things I've listed, she is probably eating and being adored by her parents just like this photo below.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Koony Planet again last weekend.

Last Saturday we went to Koony planet again as Laetitia had been asking to go "jumping jumping". This time she was much more adventurous and went onto the play structure for the older kids and even managed to go down on the big slide ALL BY HERSELF. Adults were not allowed on it and even though we did see a couple of adults going on the slide with their kids, Etienne was very firm about us NOT doing that. Well, I was very tempted to but... I have to admit we are very different in that aspect as parents. I'm sometimes all about breaking rules and am not very conforming of rules which "I" think are just guidelines more than strict laws. However, Etienne is more rigid about following instructions. Anyway, in the end I did sort of go up the structure with Laetitia only stopping short of going down the slide with her. I had to make sure she was able to get up there safely. It was about 3 stories high and her first time doing it.

Aside from that, she played by herself on the smaller structure while we sat by the side watching her. She had lots of fun that day. As usual, here are the obligatory pictures.

Trying to climb up the structure but realised that she is just a tiny bit too short.
Learning to make use of the netting to help her.
Yippeee! I did it Mummy.
Trying to drive a car just like papa but I think she forgot her GPS. :p

Saturday, April 12, 2008

From birth to now.

I did this last year when she turned one. I just added two more photos of her, one at 18 months and another at 2 year old. Look how she has changed over the two years.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A new hair cut.

I gave Laetitia a little haircut today since I felt that it was time for one. Frankly, I think that she looks quite different now with her little fringe. I am hoping that it will grow nicely in the next couple of months and it will look just fine in time for a little photoshoot in June when we are in Singapore for a visit.

A closer look.
Here is just a photo of her when I used to sweep her hair to the side.



What do you think?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mummy, tu es jolie.

Yesterday afternoon as I was checking my reflection in the mirror to make sure I look ok, my little darling turned around and said, "Mummy, tu es jolie." (Mummy, you are pretty). Very matter of factly. What a sweetheart.

Here a picture of my sweetheart going for a walk with her umbrella. Regardless of the weather, she hardly ever leaves the house without her umbrella now.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A little celebration in the daycare.

Laetitia had a little celebration for her birthday in the daycare. As they only allowed packaged cakes with the detail ingredient labels I bought three boxes of brownies from the supermarket. And hoping to include something healthy, I bought some little "petite suisse" (soft cheese desserts that is hugely popular with children here). I gave them together with some party plates, napkins and my camera to the caregivers.

Here's some photos from the afternoon.

Happy 2nd Birthday Laetitia!
The entire gang that day.
And here comes the present.... She was given a little stuff chicken by the daycare.
After all the cakes and sweets, it's time to work some fine motor skills by lacing some wooden beads.