Monday, April 21, 2008

What Laetitia loves to do.

Aside from singing that is. She still loves to sing. On Friday evening when I went to pick her up from the daycare, I was told that she had been singing the entire afternoon. :p Now just in case you think that she is a one talent kid, I assure you she is not. She is definitely multi-talented. She loves to dance too. Don't believe me? Check out this short clip. There is not much light and it's sideways but you'll get the picture. :p

And when she is not singing or dancing, she could be seen "reading" (flipping through her books), playing, counting, playing big sister to her dolls and stuff toys by reading to them, cooking for them or even putting them to bed with the usual night routine that I use on her. These videos were taken probably a couple of weeks to a month earlier.

Here she is reading with me.

And here she is counting by herself.

And when she is not doing any of the things I've listed, she is probably eating and being adored by her parents just like this photo below.

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