Monday, August 18, 2008


Oh, I miss her so much I nearly cried when she told me "I love you, Mummy" over the phone today. This is the longest she has been away from me (11 days and counting). She'll be back in Paris with her papa (who left today) this coming Saturday.

Look at how much my little bean has grown.

And doesn't she look more and more like me as she grows?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Potty trained.

My little one is potty trained! She has been pooing and peeing in the potty and even on the toilet for the last 2 weeks with almost no accidents in the last week. YIPEE my darling. She still wears a diaper to sleep but is in panties otherwise and is able to tell us when she needs to poo (which she says "poot") and pee. :-D

First trimester screening

We went for our nuchal translucency screen and the results came back normal. The doctor did not tell me the exact risk but looking at the measurement and comparing it with Laetitia's, it seemed more optimistic. Lae was 1.7mm at 7wks3days and baby's is 1.1mm at 7 wks4days. It seems like this baby is more active then his/her elder sis. Thank God for all the good news today and that our baby is healthy and active.

Some new stats on the baby:-
Head perimeter - 78mm
Tummy circumference - 70mm
Thigh bone - 8mm
Crown Rump Lenght - 64mm

Everything looks fine and here is a picture of the ultrasound.

As for me, I am feeling slightly better. Etienne and I just came back from a 4 days trip to Prague and I managed to be out and about for an average of 6 hrs a day (from 11am to 3pm and then from 7pm to 9pm). The rest of the time was spent sleeping in the hotel. It was a good thing that I changed and upgraded us to a better hotel in the city since it made it easier to get back for my afternoon naps. I am still taking medication to control the nausea and vomiting but I can feel my strength coming back.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Summer in Carqueiranne

Laetitia is having a good summer holiday in Carqueiranne now. We came here on the 1st and Etienne and I left today while we left Laetitia behind to enjoy herself further. Well, actually I was feeling a little anxious this time since when I tried explaining to her yesterday that papa and mummy are going back to Paris and she will be staying with her papou and mamou, she looked a little sad and said she wants to go to Paris with us too. But I know she will have lots of fun with my in laws and her cousin Alexandre. She will stay until the 23rd but Etienne will be joining her on the 18th. I will have some personal free time from 11th to 23rd and before that, Etienne and I will take a little romantic holiday to Prague and spend some time in Paris.

One of Laetitia's favourite thing to do here is to swim in the sea, check out how happy she is!

She is getting rather tanned considering that she goes to the beach everyday and sometimes TWICE a day. Lucky girl.