Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pianist or Singer?

As mentioned MANY times before, Laetitia loves music and singing. She is always singing and sometimes makes up funny lyrics.

Etienne is a lover of music too. He played the violin when he was younger but has a greater passion for the piano. Now, whenever there is a piano around, he would fiddle with it if possible, maybe play a couple of tunes. Everytime we are here at my in laws, he would definitely spend some time on the piano. So, now the two of them would spend some time together on the piano, one singing while "playing" and the other playing. Laetitia would be singing her french nursery ryhmes like "Petit Escargot", "Une souris verte" etc. I captured a few videos of them two on the piano and here is one of them

Of course, it has to be the one of the favourite song of Laetitia, "Petit Papa Noël". It is filmed sideway so that I could capture more of the two of them.

Swing swing swing

Just like most kids, Laetitia loves the swing and swinging around. Here's a little clip of her having fun with her papa.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Her cousins in France.

Today Laetitia met her cousin, another Lastennet, for the first time. She is the daughter of Etienne's cousin (her papa is the son of my father in law's brother). As my in law has a small family, there are not many Lastennets in Laetitia's generation. So far, there are three. Laetitia, this little girl, Thaïs, and her younger sister who did not come along today.

Laetitia got on fabulously with her newly met cousin as she usually does with children. She was happy to go for a walk with both Thaïs and Alexandre. My mother in law took them to a little tulip park/farm very close to their place (within walking distance).

Here's another picture of the three cousins striking a "cool" pose.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Chicken pox update

Laetitia is feeling much better and is coping very well with the chicken pox. It is not fully over (though we should see the end of it soon). Right now, we're on day 10 of the illness and it's clearing up.

We are in the south of France at my in laws and she is having fun being in the outdoors. She gets to get out twice a day and have lots of fun playing.

These are some of the photos I took.

In the playground in Paris on Friday 22nd (Seventh day)

Taken on the 10th day. The spots on her face is clearing up. And she is wearing a beautiful Clippo hair clip.
Most of the spots have crusted over and only the bigger spots have a crater right now but I understand that it is normal and should heal. Currently aside from the medication prescribed by the doctor, I am also apply Avene's Cicalfate cream to help with the healing and scar prevention.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chicken pox

My poor little chouchou has chicken pox. Etienne noticed two spots on Saturday and on Sunday, as I was changing her diaper, I saw the spots and was quite sure it was chicken pox as they all had the water blister look. I was expecting it since there has been an outbreak in the daycare. And guess what, on Monday morning when I called them to inform them that Laetitia has chicken pox, I was told that I was the fourth parent who called that morning! All these poor kids.

Since then, the spots have multiplied. Poor darling. I have been giving her antihistamines and showering her with the medicated foam to help with the spots but it is really making her uncomfortable. She kept telling me that it's painful and she is not eating very well. But one good thing is that she is still sleeping regularly so I have been able to have a good night of sleep each night. And on some days, I have the nanny come in to look after her while I take a breather and go out a bit. I must say that she is considerably easy to look after even though she is suffering though this illness. Yes, she is much more whingy then usual but who would not with all these itchy and sore spots.

Here's some pictures of my darling and her spots.

On the third day (Monday 18th Feb)

On the fifth day (Wednesday, 20th Feb)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Enjoying Chinese New Year goodies.

I had a few friends who came over to Paris over the last 2 weeks and they brought some Chinese New Year goodies for me. Most of them were homemade and I gave a handful of each to Laetitia to try during her breakfast or tea time. She particularly loves the egg rolls/love letters. Here's some photos I took of her during breakfast time enjoying them.

I am away in Geneva at the moment and Etienne is running solo at home. I trust that he is doing a great job and is having lots of fun with his little princess.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Having fun at home.

We captured this little video of Laetitia having fun jumping on our bed over the weekend. She was having so much fun.

Friday, February 8, 2008

"Laetitia, grosse fille."

"Mai NON".

In the last couple of weeks, Laetitia and I will have this little conversation all the time. "Laetitia, are you a baby?" "No, Laetitia is a BIG GIRL." And one evening during dinner, she started talking to herself (as she sometimes do) and then she said, "Laetitia, not a baby, big girl" and then she looks at her papa and said "Laetitia, grosse fille." Etienne and I burst out laughing. Well, technically she is right, big = grosse BUT, grosse means fat more than big in the sense that I meant when I told her she is a big girl. So, her papa has been telling her that she is a "grande fille". And the funny thing was, one evening she went to one of the caregivers in the daycare and told her she is a "grosse fille" and this lady is really slim. I had to explain that Laetitia meant to say she is a "grande fille". :p These funny stories really make my day.

She is turning into a little lady now. She is very sweet and caring with her toys. Patting her dolls and stuff animals, kissing them and asking if they slept well. As we pray before our meals, Laetitia now would say "Merci Jesus" as she sits to eat her food. It really touches my heart and I pray that she will get to know God personally.

There was something in particular that I wanted to blog about but I totally forgot about it. It happened this morning and it was something sweet that she said/did. I think I'll have to keep a little notebook to record these little incidents. Anyways, here are some photos to share.

The children being read to in the daycare.
Laetitia reading to her stuff animals and doll.

She is also becoming much more independent now. I could leave her in her room by herself while I take my shower (which could take up to 15 mins when I wash my hair as well). Normally I will close the doors to my room and the living room, put a gate to block her from coming into the shower but keep the door opened and leave her bedroom door opened. Then I will tell her to either read a book or play with her dinning set while I take the shower which she will happily do. Sometimes if she is a little fussy, I'll give some crayons and paper and have her draw/colour while sitting outside the bathroom on the floor

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Corny or sweet?

I went shopping today and bought Laetitia a little dress from Gap. Isn't it pretty?

And guess what? I got a similar one for myself! Gap kids size 13XL (which is for 13 year old kids). I think it's corny but oh so cute at the same time since Laetitia is at a stage where she wants to be "like mummy".

Check it out!