Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chicken pox

My poor little chouchou has chicken pox. Etienne noticed two spots on Saturday and on Sunday, as I was changing her diaper, I saw the spots and was quite sure it was chicken pox as they all had the water blister look. I was expecting it since there has been an outbreak in the daycare. And guess what, on Monday morning when I called them to inform them that Laetitia has chicken pox, I was told that I was the fourth parent who called that morning! All these poor kids.

Since then, the spots have multiplied. Poor darling. I have been giving her antihistamines and showering her with the medicated foam to help with the spots but it is really making her uncomfortable. She kept telling me that it's painful and she is not eating very well. But one good thing is that she is still sleeping regularly so I have been able to have a good night of sleep each night. And on some days, I have the nanny come in to look after her while I take a breather and go out a bit. I must say that she is considerably easy to look after even though she is suffering though this illness. Yes, she is much more whingy then usual but who would not with all these itchy and sore spots.

Here's some pictures of my darling and her spots.

On the third day (Monday 18th Feb)

On the fifth day (Wednesday, 20th Feb)


Anonymous said...

oh, poor little one! Get better soon Lae!

Anonymous said...

hope ur little gal is getting better.