Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pianist or Singer?

As mentioned MANY times before, Laetitia loves music and singing. She is always singing and sometimes makes up funny lyrics.

Etienne is a lover of music too. He played the violin when he was younger but has a greater passion for the piano. Now, whenever there is a piano around, he would fiddle with it if possible, maybe play a couple of tunes. Everytime we are here at my in laws, he would definitely spend some time on the piano. So, now the two of them would spend some time together on the piano, one singing while "playing" and the other playing. Laetitia would be singing her french nursery ryhmes like "Petit Escargot", "Une souris verte" etc. I captured a few videos of them two on the piano and here is one of them

Of course, it has to be the one of the favourite song of Laetitia, "Petit Papa Noël". It is filmed sideway so that I could capture more of the two of them.

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