Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Beginning: I am quite sure I'm pregnant.

I did another test today. It showed two lines. The test line was faint but it's already much more visible that the previous 2 test. Oh ya, I forgot to mention that I did a test on Sunday, 10 July) too. I took a pic of each of the test.

July 10 Test
July 12 Test

So this morning, I called Dr. Bernstein's (my ob) office to make an appointment for an early ultrasound as instructed by him last year. Spoke with his nurse Marlene who told me to call back around the week of 25 July to go for a blood test and then they will take it from there. Apparently, it's still too early for any conclusive ultrasound. Even a blood test now will only confirm my pregnancy but no yeild any other significant information. Well, knowing that I AM PREGNANT is significant information to me.
Anyways, I will patiently wait for the week of 25 July for the test and possibly the scheduling of the ultrasound. Very exciting.
Everything feels fine except that my boobs are growing. Woohoo!

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