Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My sweetest little thing.

Last night Laetitia was up in the middle of the night and refuses to go back to bed. We thought she might have had a nightmare as she woke up suddenly and cried really loudly. So, after Etienne spent an hour trying to get her to sleep and failed, it was my turn. I tried patting her (the usual) while she laid in her cot but it did not work. Eventually I took her with me on the spare bed and slept next to her. It took a long time before she finally settled down and went back to sleep.

Early this morning, she woke up, asked me to open the shutters and proceeded to kiss me on my both side of my cheeks and my lips while I pretended that I was still sleeping. OH, how my heart melted. Then she said, "Mummy kiss Laetitia." And shoved her cheeks towards my lips. So I planted some kisses on her face and then held her close in my arms while we lay in bed together. The bliss.

It's really sweet since she has now left Paris to go down south to her grandparents. I will not be seeing her for the next 10 days. Oh, I am so going to miss her. She is such a darling right now.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

First step to getting dress all by herself.

Today Laetitia decided that she did not want to wear her weetabix soiled pants anymore and she promptly took a new pair of pants that had been laying around on the sofa waiting to be sorted/folded/kept in the closet, took her dirty pants off and tried putting the clean ones on. She had some difficulties getting it up initially as she was sitting on the floor while she tried to put them on. I showed her that she had to stand up and pull it up and voila, that's it, she did it and then proceeded to taking them off and putting them on a few more times. Ha, I never knew that it was so much fun taking your pants off, running away from your mummy who is telling your the weather is too cold for you to go without pants and eventually putting them on again.

And to top it off, now she is very adamant about what is pretty and what is not and what she wants to put on for the day. I guess I am going to be in for some fun in the coming years.

The other thing worth mentioning is that today, she gave me a little fright. I left her in her cot to take my shower etc and at one point after I was all done, I can hear her telling me "Mummy, finish shower" and then demanding to come down from her cot. I ignored her for a while and then started hearing her throw her things in the bed onto the floor and I came into the room just as she was trying to climb out of the cot. One of her leg was over the cot, her body was off the mattress, halfway towards being out of the cot! She was basically in the process of throwing her body off the railing! I run towards her and put her firmly down on the cot and told her NO. And guess what, she tried it again. Sigh. I had a talk with Etienne tonight and we're going to look into a solution which would probably mean moving her out of the cot.

My little one is growing up quickly.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Mummy gone crazy with shopping.

So, what does a doting mummy do when she starts earning her own money? Buy more stuff for her little sweetie pie. I might not have as much time to go out shopping but then there is always the internet!

Clothes (as if she does not have enough!)

Shoes in size 23 (she is currently on size 22)

A table/chair set for her to sit and do her colouring etc. The table has a little built in container for holding crayons.

A bib cos it is cute

A coat hanger for her numerous coats.

And finally a sofa that I have been wanting to buy for her.
Some of the items will only arrive in December as they are out of stock at the moment but I guess it might be a good thing since then they could double up as Christmas presents. I do have many ideas for her Christmas present but then I'm sure she will not mind having a few different things. :p

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Messy little one

Here's my little greedy little chocolate (so far, I have only given her good quality dark chocolate such as Valrhona and Lindt and they are mixed into her weetabix) and cheese lover.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

My little singer.

As mentioned several times before in the blog, Laetitia loves to sing and today I finally managed to capture a video of her singing a repertoire of some of the songs she knows.

First translation mistake.

Laetitia is being raised bilingual for the time being (we will introduce Mandarin at a later stage) and unlike the norm for most children raised in such a setup, she started speaking at a rather early stage. She currently could speaks in complete sentences in both English and French although most of the time it is still short phrases. She also knows many words in both English and French and uses them frequently. Yesterday, she made her first little translation error. I have used the word "upside down" a lot with her. It usually happens when she takes a book to read, she used to hold it upside down and she still does it now but would gleefully look at me and say "upside down". In the same token, Etienne says "à l'inverse" to indicate that something is in the opposite direction, could be upside down, reversed etc. And it happened when her papa told her the table was "à l'inverse" and that she had to turn it and she looked at him and said "upside down" as in her mind, these two words was always used in the same context by Etienne and I. He had to try to explain to her that it was not the same in English and French.

Well, I am sure there will be more of such little "language" issues coming up as her vocabulary and speech ability increases.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Childcare options

Work has been keeping me away from blogging about my little pie. Any free time I have (when Laetitia sleeps) seems to be used on researching about childcare options. There are many different options of childcare and it is so hard to decide on what would be the best for Laetitia. Currently we have a combination of a part-time nanny and a daycare/creche. To me, this seems like a wonderful solution as she gets different modes of care (individual attention and collective care with fantastic socialisation with other children). The only issue bugging me is that I cannot be sure about how the individual care is going since Lae cannot actually communicate it yet. Well, she sort of does and that is what made me worried. She does not seem to want to be taken care of by our current nanny. Then again, my rational mind tells me that it might be due to the fact that everytime my little darling sees her nanny, she knows that I am leaving home for work. So when I asked if she wants to see her nanny, her answer is no, as she knows that would mean mummy is leaving.

In any case, my rational mind and instinct is saying to stick with the current setup for another month to see how things progress. I guess we could either send Laetitia to a full time creche or find another nanny if I want a dual childcare system.