Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My sweetest little thing.

Last night Laetitia was up in the middle of the night and refuses to go back to bed. We thought she might have had a nightmare as she woke up suddenly and cried really loudly. So, after Etienne spent an hour trying to get her to sleep and failed, it was my turn. I tried patting her (the usual) while she laid in her cot but it did not work. Eventually I took her with me on the spare bed and slept next to her. It took a long time before she finally settled down and went back to sleep.

Early this morning, she woke up, asked me to open the shutters and proceeded to kiss me on my both side of my cheeks and my lips while I pretended that I was still sleeping. OH, how my heart melted. Then she said, "Mummy kiss Laetitia." And shoved her cheeks towards my lips. So I planted some kisses on her face and then held her close in my arms while we lay in bed together. The bliss.

It's really sweet since she has now left Paris to go down south to her grandparents. I will not be seeing her for the next 10 days. Oh, I am so going to miss her. She is such a darling right now.

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