Friday, June 30, 2006

Baby fashion show.

Just for fun..... I decided to play dressing up with my little model. I have to show off the new outfits I recently bought for my most precious baby.

Announcing the current most sought after runway model in her fashionable outfits.
Laetitia in her pretty Baby Dior dress.... looking oh so chic. :p

Following the latest craze for polka dots, here's our cutie pootootie in Kid Cool dress.

And finally, dressed in her daddy's favourite designer, Kenzo.

Can you tell that summer is definitely here in Paris? :p

Thursday, June 29, 2006

A quarter of a year old!

My baby is a quarter of a year old today! Three months have passed since the day she was taken out of my tummy. Sometimes it seems like it was just yesterday that I was pregnant with her and yet at other times, I am going, you mean it's only been three months?!?! What a rollercoaster ride. There are times when it's been tough for me settling into my life as a stay at home mummy.

So, at three months old she is able to do the following:-
1) Lift her head 90 degrees while on tummy
2) Laugh out loud (very LOUD) . We captured this on video and I'll try to upload it soon.
3) Grasp and hold a rattle or cloth.
4) Roll over
5) Turn in direction of a voice
6) Turn herself 180 degrees from a fix position. Eg. She would somehow turn herself in bed such that her head which is at the front of the cot would eventually end up at the bottom of the cot.

She's really growing very fast and I just caught these pictures of her today, almost turned over on her belly from the left side.

And these were taken a couple of days back while she was playing on the gymini.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Passport photos.

I have been trying to capture some photos for Laetitia that will be suitable to crop and be deemed appropriate as a passport photo. This final photo is suppose to be used for submitting her application for Singapore citizenship, Singapore passport and also the French passport so I want it to be as pretty as possible. I took some last week that were not excellent due to the horrible lighting. There was too many shadows created on her face. Here are some samples of the not so good lighting but excellent model. :p

However, over the weekend, I think I managed some decent shots in her bed. I personally like the second one as she is very smiley but Etienne thinks it might not be neutral looking enough for a passport photo. Hmmm......

And this one just cause she looks so happy.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Bébé à La Défense

It's our (me and Laetitia) first visit to La Défense so obviously photos have to be taken.

Bébé and the grand arche

Bébé and mummy

Friday, June 23, 2006

Vaccinations again.

I know I had mentioned before that my little baby is courageous but she really is! Today she went for her vaccinations again and had 2 jabs on her thighs. One on the left and one on the right. Before the Paediatrican adminster the second jab, she warned me that it would hurt more than the first and Laetitia might be crying quite a bit. Well, she did cry, like for 5 seconds! Can I just say again that I am so proud of her.

Well here's her now growth specs.:-
Weight = 5.370kg (5.5 weeks ago was 4.850kg)
Length = 61cm but I realised that her legs were not fully straighten when she was measured.(5.5 weeks ago was 60cm)
Head circumference = 40cm (5.5 weeks ago was 39cm)

Overall, she is growing well.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Jaimie's visit to Paris

About 3 weeks ago (from May 31 - June 7), my good friend Jaimie came over to Paris for a visit. This is the first time she is seeing Laetitia and it's been more than 2 years since I last saw here when I went back to Singapore for a long holiday. It was wonderful having her here and we managed to spend some good times together. It was great for me because I had the opportunity to get out of the house more and do things. For the first time in a while (the last couple of months since having my little girl), I felt like I was having more of a life myself aside from being a mum. I suppose it is healther for Laetitia too to not have a mummy who feels caged up.

We (Laetitia, Jaimie and I) spent many of our afternoons out in the streets of Paris. Here are some pictures taken while we were walking towards the Seine with Eiffel Tower in the background.

Here's one of Laetitia and Auntie Jaimie. My little one has promptly fallen asleep.
And here is the Mummy and her princess.

Here's another pic just because I think I look good. :p

I took a few pictures of Jaimie and Laetitia at home....

I hope my little girl will soon get to meet all the other aunties (mummy's friends) in Singapore. Keeping my fingers crossed that we will be able to take a trip back around October.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


I have always been against the idea of giving Laetitia a pacificer/soother because I dislike seeing older children being reliant on it. However, 2 days ago, I gave in and bought one. Why oh why after holding it off for 11 weeks I finally cave in? Simply because from sucking her fist/back of her hand/wrist, she had progressed to sucking her lower lips. I got worried because I felt that it would affect her appearance! How superficial can this mummy get? I was worried that if she kept sucking her lower lips, it would thin out her lips. I am not sure if there is any possibility of that happening but it was enough to prompt me to buy a pacifier.

This is usually how she looks when she sucks her lower lip.

So yesterday I tried giving her the newly bought pacifier and she kept spitting it out of her mouth. I was thinking, oh, maybe she does not like it. Anyway, this afternoon she was a little cranky trying to take her afternoon nap. She kept trying to suck on my arm when I was carrying her so I decided to try the pacifier again and held it in her mouth for a couple of minutes. And it worked. She sucked on it and promptly fell asleep. Once she got used to sucking it, it took her barely 2 minutes before her eyes closed and she was in dreamland. Once she was sound asleep, I quickly removed it from her mouth, however, not before taking two photos! She looked so cute with the pacifer though. I resolved to only use the pacifier when necessary (meaning only for sleeping time to help soothe her to sleep). I hope this post will help remind me not to cross the line of becoming dependent on the soother too much.

Here's my cutie pie with her pacifier.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Is my baby vain?

Is my little girl already a vain little princess? I'm kidding. I know at this stage she does not even know that the girl in the mirror is her but it's funny looking at how she is holding the mirror and has her hand on her head at the same time. Friends who knows me well will comment how she must be learning from her mum. I love the mirror. I can not pass by one without checking myself out. Looks like my little darling may be following my footsteps!

Let me check myself out!

Oh, am I the prettiest/cutest baby around?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bottle feeding Laetitia

We have tried bottle feeding Laetitia with expressed breast milk a couple of times. It was working the first few times but the last two times that I went out and left Etienne and Laetitia at home, she refuse to take the bottle. Both times she just went to bed without her last feed and I would give her the breast when I get back (about 3 hours passed her feeding time!).

Etienne and I decided we have to try to get her to take the bottle and we will have to practise more. Etienne felt that maybe the last feed of the day before sleeping is not a good time to try as Laetitia can be crankier than usual. With that in mind, we tried it during my little chouchou mid afternoon feed. Well, it went much better than the last two times. She was at least taking the bottle and drinking though not a lot. That was better than nothing. This time, we thought that it might be that the flow from the teats was too slow. We will try a faster flow the next time.

Here's her daddy feeding her.

Friday, June 9, 2006

Shopping and breastfeeding!

I have been taking Laetitia out shopping almost everyday in the last week as my good friend Jaimie is here visiting from Singapore. So this week Laetitia spent most of her afternoons in either the Grand Magasin (Galeries Lafayette/Printemps area) or the Champs-Elysées . And in this last two weeks alone, she has been breastfeed in more public places than the last 2 months of her life. I cannot possibly be rushing home to feed her everytime I want to go shopping right?! And of course being here with no family within close proximity means I have to take my baby everywhere I go. So, I have to become confident and relax about breastfeeding her in public.

So far, I have nursed her in the nursing rooms in Galeries Lafayette, Printemps and Les Halles, in a restaurant along the Champs-Elysées, in a brasserie and cafes. I was almost going to breastfeed her in the metro but managed to make a detour instead. The good thing about breastfeeding her is no one bother to give a second look. When I was nursing her in a outdoor cafe in Ils-St-Louis (the smaller of the two islands along the Seines) and the waiter was asking twice if she was sleeping! I don't think he even realised that I was nursing Laetitia while sipping my glass of Orangina.

I guess breastfeeding is an easy route for now as I can just feed her anytime and almost anywhere (as long as I can find a relatively quiet corner since she does not like too much distraction during her meal time). It means that I can be relatively mobile with her and do not have to worry about bringing too many things when we go out (no bottles, formula milk etc to carry with me). Well, hopefully soon I will also be able to shop alone once I get her into a habit of taking expressed breast milk in a bottle or some formula milk once in a while and could leave her in the infantcare centre a couple of times a week. So far, although taking her shopping is not a problem, I cannot try on clothes with her in the Baby Bjorn carrier. I think it will be nice to be able to do that.

Okay, enough about me and shopping with Laetitia.... here's some fun pics of her on her belly.

Monday, June 5, 2006

Playing on the gymini.

Laetitia has been spending more and more time on her Tiny Love gymini and she is seriously enjoying it now. Of course it could be that this mummy loves to put her on it so that I can some time on the computer!

The next "educational developmental" toy on the list for her will be an exersaucer. I personally like either the Evenflo Mega Circus or the Baby Einstein Caterpillar Discover & Play Activity Center. I think it will be a great toy to keep her entertained. They are supposed to be used from the 4th month onwards so I do have some time to check out which would be best for her.

Here's some shots captured when she's playing on the gymini.

"Oh Mummy, you caught me by surprise!"

"Let me give you one of my charming smiles. Quick! Take the photo."

"A bigger smile? Of course, anything for you Mummy."

"Okay Mummy, I really need to get back to playing with Mr. Giraffe. I'll play with you later."