Thursday, June 15, 2006


I have always been against the idea of giving Laetitia a pacificer/soother because I dislike seeing older children being reliant on it. However, 2 days ago, I gave in and bought one. Why oh why after holding it off for 11 weeks I finally cave in? Simply because from sucking her fist/back of her hand/wrist, she had progressed to sucking her lower lips. I got worried because I felt that it would affect her appearance! How superficial can this mummy get? I was worried that if she kept sucking her lower lips, it would thin out her lips. I am not sure if there is any possibility of that happening but it was enough to prompt me to buy a pacifier.

This is usually how she looks when she sucks her lower lip.

So yesterday I tried giving her the newly bought pacifier and she kept spitting it out of her mouth. I was thinking, oh, maybe she does not like it. Anyway, this afternoon she was a little cranky trying to take her afternoon nap. She kept trying to suck on my arm when I was carrying her so I decided to try the pacifier again and held it in her mouth for a couple of minutes. And it worked. She sucked on it and promptly fell asleep. Once she got used to sucking it, it took her barely 2 minutes before her eyes closed and she was in dreamland. Once she was sound asleep, I quickly removed it from her mouth, however, not before taking two photos! She looked so cute with the pacifer though. I resolved to only use the pacifier when necessary (meaning only for sleeping time to help soothe her to sleep). I hope this post will help remind me not to cross the line of becoming dependent on the soother too much.

Here's my cutie pie with her pacifier.


Anonymous said...

Hi Laetitia's mummy!!

My SG gf forwarded your blog to me..why? Cos' I am a SAHM (stay at home mum) to a 6mths old bb girl at the SW of France :)

And my SIL is also a SAHM, she has a 11mth old boy and she lives in Paris!!

We are both SIL married a french and I am married to a SG :)

Keep up the good work, you did a great job on your DD's blog

Anonymous said...

Oh, btw, on the topic of pacifiers...

I was like you - initially very reluctant to give Josh the pacifier cos i didn't want him to have nipple confusion and not Bfeed. In fact I didn't give him the bottle either till after 2 mths.

He now takes the pacifier (only to)sleep and of course, loves his bottle. In retrospect, I would have saved myself a lot more sleep if I gave him the pacifier I think, instead of waking up every 1-2 hours to Bfeed him.

We all have our doubts on the Dos and Don'ts of raising our babies.. Just do what you feel is right and what will help you manage your baby since you're all alone! That's what I've learnt!