Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ready for work!

Yes, my little one and a half year old is ready for work! He's about to venture into the IT world like his papa!

Loic: "Hahahahah.....I'm programming the new virus to conquer the world!"
Loic: "Opps! You caught me!"

Loic: "Can I get away with giving you one of my cheeky smile?"
This boy just loves the computer (which he calls "PUter") and the handphones (which he calls "pone"). And not forgetting all the chargers and plugs. He face just lights up when he can fiddle with the power point and the charger/plugs which we firmly tell him "NO, it's dangerous!".

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Yummy cherries

A long time ago, I blogged about how Laetitia enjoyed eating her first cherries and now that Loic is bigger, I decided to introduce the fruit to him as well. And guess what, he LOVES it too, just like his sister and his mummy!

Oh.... what is this fruit?

I love it when the kids try something for the first time. It's always interesting checking out their reactions.

So far, I have tried giving durians to Loic as well but it's not as well received. Currently, his favourite fruits are bananas and watermelons. It's good because these two fruits are not pricy here. Cherries are ridiculously priced at $25/kg! That is double of what we pay for in France.

And don't get me started on the price of yogurts and cheese here. We were happy when we saw Danone baby yougurt here and I bought a pack without checking the price. It came up to be 4 times more expensive than what we pay for back in Paris. I'm back to looking for cheaper alternatives.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Loic graduating from infantcare to childcare

As of last week, Loic was gradually switched from being in the infantcare facilities to the childcare facilities as he passed his 18 month old date. Yes, my little boy is not so tiny anymore. He is a big little 18 month old now.

I have to say that I am very pleased and happy with the center that Loic goes to. From the principal to the teachers, everyone has been wonderful. I finally met Loic’s new teacher on Friday and she nicely came to introduce herself and that very afternoon, she sent me some photos of what Loic did in school. And since last Friday, I received another two emails from her with photos and some updates. I am very glad to know that my child is in the care of someone who seems to really take pride in her work plus go the extra mile to inform me of how my little boy is adapting to the toddlers group. I feel more at ease seeing how happy he looks during the time he spends there especially since he seems to be crying his heart out whenever I drop him off. So yes, for mummies looking for an infantcare or childcare center around Newton or Novena area, Learning Vision @ Gentle Road definitely has my vote!

These were the photos sent by Teacher Aishah.

The last photo is taken today when they had waterplay in the center.

I burst out laughing in the office when I opened my email cos he looks so funny! It's no doubt due to the angle the photo was taken but it just made my day. :)