Thursday, March 29, 2007


WOW!!!! I'm still a little stunned by the fact that my baby is ONE! It's amazing how time flies isn't it. It has been a year of wonderful moments of delirious happiness. There were times when I felt like pulling my hair out but I must say my baby is a right bundle of joy.

She received her first card ever from her paternal grandparents. She loved the card that sings.

Oh mummy, A CARD FOR ME! It's addressed to ME ME ME!Can I open it?

I think I need some help, Mummy.

WAH! The card sings.

I will update more on how we're spending the day and her growth/development later (probably tomorrow).

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The attention seeking budding musician.

As shown in the previous post, I got Laetitia a "one man band" musician set for her birthday. Since then she has been playing happily with her toys. I captured this while she was playing quietly by herself. The funny thing is, when she realised I was filming her, she started to give me her BIG smiles. Hahahaha.... a totally attention/camera seeking girl (just like her mummy some would say :p).

Monday, March 26, 2007

Early birthday celebration

Laetitia is turning ONE this coming Thursday but since by the time her papa comes home from work in the evening, it's time for bed, I decided to have a little celebration at home with papa today. We had a little cake from Picard and sang her "Happy Birthday", let her taste some chocolate mousse and of course take the customary photos.


"Hmmm.... what is this strange tasting brown mushy thing?"

Over the last couple of days, I also allowed her to open up her presents and play with them. She loves the toys. We had such fun playing with them. She particularly enjoys taking the "little people" out of the bus and throwing them. If she is playing with it in her cot, she would take the "little people" out one by one and throw them overboard (out of the cot). I think she has a little mean streak to her character! :p

"Heehee.... let me take these people out of the bus."

"Oh, a musical set! The noise I am going to make!"

And here's some cute pics of my little meanie with her oh so cool sunglasses on top of her head (a la mummy).
"Yo! Whatcha looking at?"

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


So, that's it. Laetitia has been weaned. It was not exactly the way I scheduled it to be. I was intending to wean around the end of the month but since I have been sick as a dog for the last week, I did not breastfeed her at all and that's it. It's over. And I MISS it. I miss having her little face snuggled right next to my breast and the happy blissful look on her face as she suckle away. I know she does too since sometimes she goes "nai nai nai" when I carry her close to my chest (which is very seldom in the last week since I am full of germs!).

I am very cautious about being close to her as I have been coughing lots, blowing my nose and had slight conjuntivitis so even though I washed my hands as frequently as possible and use the antibacterial hand gel, I feel like I have viruses/germs/bacterials hovering all over me. Well, she has started to cough again and is currently suffering from conjuntivitis. Poor darling. No "nai nai nai" to comfort her and at the same time, she has to go through all these too.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Times spent bonding with her papa

Laetitia spent a lot of time over the last 5 days with her papa. Etienne took 3 days off work and his main task was to help look after Laetitia. I was pretty much out of it as I had been ill since Sunday. I was running a fever for about 5 days, had a terrible sore throat, was coughing throughout the nights and finally, my nose is all congested too. It's the horrible cold/flu. I tried to avoid being close to Lae as much as I could as I didn't want to pass whatever it was that I had to her.

Anyways, on Friday morning, I had to leave home before 8am as I had a day surgery scheduled (nothing to do with the cold/flu) and had to be in the hospital by 8.15am. By the time I left, Lae was just waking up and I decided to go without going to her in case she makes a fuss when I leave. Etienne was tasked with looking after her all by himself until about 1pm when he will bring her to the halte garderie. He was to come pick me up from the hospital after that.

He was recollecting the events of the day with Laetitia to me when he admitted that for once, he finally had a glimpse of what it was to spend all the time in the day with her. And more importantly, it's not easy. HA! Yes, now he can almost puts himself in my shoes. It so happened that Lae did not have much sleep on Thursday night and therefore was much more grumpy on Friday morning. She was more irritable and was whingeing a lot. It was apparently not easy to feed her and she did not take much of a nap too. So, her poor papa had her all to himself on a rather bad day. :p

All in all though, these last five days was a great bonding time for papa and daughter.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The little model

This was the ad that Laetitia did when we were in Singapore last year. I finally got hold of the file.

Doesn't she looks SO cheeky in the ad?

Saturday, March 10, 2007

The little monster!

This is what I had to deal with the last couple of days during mealtimes. A tantrum throwing MONSTER! She was unhappy that I was taking too long to give her her food. The funny thing is, after I recorded this little video, I would play it for her and it would actually calm her down. She's intrigued by the crying that comes from the camera. Either that or it made her realise what a little racket she was making. Oh, and notice the one big tear drop slowly descending from her cheek. Boy am I glad this only happens once in a while.

Recently I started making her cheese toast and she loves them. One more finger food to add to the list. She is, however, not keen at all when I serve her porridge that had not been blended. I guess I win some and I lose some. :(

Friday, March 2, 2007

Eleven Months old

My almost one year old baby! I am really glad that we had decided that I would stay home for at least the first year of her life. She's such a little delightful child and I would have hate to miss all those milestones, all the firsts. It's wonderful that I've been experiencing all these moments of joy (and of course there were also some moments of frustration) with my darling baby.

She is slowly gaining some weight. About 200g over the last month. She is currently 8.4kgs. Not a lot but at least she is growing. She eats well, about 4 meals a day and each meal consisting of about 300g of food and fluid. I am slowly weaning her too and it's not exactly a bed of roses as she does love her once a day breastfeed. She been demanding "nai nai nai" (what she calls milk) in the mornings when she is suppose to take a bottle of formula instead of being breastfed. It's such bitter sweetness... To know that she loves the connection with me in being breastfed and at the same time, wanting to wean her.

Well, back to her monthly milestones or advancements. These are the new things she started doing over the course of the last month:-
1) Stand alone momentarily. And she is SO PROUD when she does that. I would go "BRAVO" and she would smile and clap her hands.
2) "Play ball" by passing me the ball which I roll towards her.

Here's just a photo of my cutie pie.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

First hair cut

Or rather first hair trim. The back of Laetitia's hair grows much more than the rest the hair on her head and is actually kind of long. We decided to give her hair a little trim to make it more even. This is the final result. Not too bad eh?

And here are some of the hairs that I had to cut off.