Friday, March 2, 2007

Eleven Months old

My almost one year old baby! I am really glad that we had decided that I would stay home for at least the first year of her life. She's such a little delightful child and I would have hate to miss all those milestones, all the firsts. It's wonderful that I've been experiencing all these moments of joy (and of course there were also some moments of frustration) with my darling baby.

She is slowly gaining some weight. About 200g over the last month. She is currently 8.4kgs. Not a lot but at least she is growing. She eats well, about 4 meals a day and each meal consisting of about 300g of food and fluid. I am slowly weaning her too and it's not exactly a bed of roses as she does love her once a day breastfeed. She been demanding "nai nai nai" (what she calls milk) in the mornings when she is suppose to take a bottle of formula instead of being breastfed. It's such bitter sweetness... To know that she loves the connection with me in being breastfed and at the same time, wanting to wean her.

Well, back to her monthly milestones or advancements. These are the new things she started doing over the course of the last month:-
1) Stand alone momentarily. And she is SO PROUD when she does that. I would go "BRAVO" and she would smile and clap her hands.
2) "Play ball" by passing me the ball which I roll towards her.

Here's just a photo of my cutie pie.

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