Saturday, March 17, 2007

Times spent bonding with her papa

Laetitia spent a lot of time over the last 5 days with her papa. Etienne took 3 days off work and his main task was to help look after Laetitia. I was pretty much out of it as I had been ill since Sunday. I was running a fever for about 5 days, had a terrible sore throat, was coughing throughout the nights and finally, my nose is all congested too. It's the horrible cold/flu. I tried to avoid being close to Lae as much as I could as I didn't want to pass whatever it was that I had to her.

Anyways, on Friday morning, I had to leave home before 8am as I had a day surgery scheduled (nothing to do with the cold/flu) and had to be in the hospital by 8.15am. By the time I left, Lae was just waking up and I decided to go without going to her in case she makes a fuss when I leave. Etienne was tasked with looking after her all by himself until about 1pm when he will bring her to the halte garderie. He was to come pick me up from the hospital after that.

He was recollecting the events of the day with Laetitia to me when he admitted that for once, he finally had a glimpse of what it was to spend all the time in the day with her. And more importantly, it's not easy. HA! Yes, now he can almost puts himself in my shoes. It so happened that Lae did not have much sleep on Thursday night and therefore was much more grumpy on Friday morning. She was more irritable and was whingeing a lot. It was apparently not easy to feed her and she did not take much of a nap too. So, her poor papa had her all to himself on a rather bad day. :p

All in all though, these last five days was a great bonding time for papa and daughter.

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