Friday, November 21, 2008

Preparing to be a big sister.

I just made a comment on a friend's blog and thought I should seriously blog this down.

Laetitia is starting to become very aware that baby is a part of our lives. When she talks about our family now, it often includes baby or Loïc (the name that she is so inclined to call the baby). She tells me she loves mummy, papa and baby and sometimes talk to the baby. The fun part is, many times when she is talking or singing to baby, he moves! I guess the little one enjoys hearing his sister's voice too. She loves to hug my belly too, telling me she is giving Loïc a hug or kiss. At times, she tells the baby, "I'm jiejie Laetitia" (jiejie = sister in Mandarin). Now the funniest part is, whenever she is sharing some food with me and/or Etienne, she would put aside some for baby too and if she is able to, she will attempt to shove these pieces of food up my belly button for baby! And she tries to share one of her lovey/doudous with baby by putting them across my belly. It's so fun seeing her bond with the baby this way. :-)

Of course on the other side of the spectrum, she is also pretending to be a baby at times. She tells me "Laetitia is a baby" and occasionally attempts to crawl on all fours to me. Well, can't wait for the real challenge when baby Loïc arrives.

PS: I spoke to the daycare psychologist who was in for observation today and aside from telling me that Laetitia seems to have over most of her anxiety/fear issues, asked me if the baby is named Loïc as Laetitia told her that her baby brother's name. :p


Anonymous said...

This is so cute and touching what Laetitia is doing for her brother!Congratulations once again to your family. Aunty Wendy

Anonymous said...

hi sandra, didn't know you were preggers till i read this post (i come in once every few weeks), CONGRATS!!!!! :) wishing you a smooth pregnancy ahead. how many weeks now?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Wendy.

Thanks Maryann. I'm exactly 27 weeks today though I feel like I should be due SOON! :p

Anonymous said...

Aw... Lae is so sweet... well, you'll certainly have your hands full next year, but won't it be fun?

Will you succumb to peer pressure and name baby Loic?

Anonymous said...

ha- even you are calling baby "Loic" now... can't wait to hear how she would be after her bro arrives. Have fun!