Thursday, November 1, 2012

Horse riding fun!

The kids are on holiday and since Laetitia's horse-riding camp two years ago, I had been thinking about bringing her horse-riding. Finally, the opportunity came and I brought both kids to Gallop Stables at Horse-city (Turf city along Bukit Timah Road)

Laetitia and I were taking the 30mins semi private lesson and Loic was going to do a 20mins guided pony ride.

We had lots of fun and Loic thoroughly enjoyed himself too. He asked to go pony riding again the moment he saw me when I finished our session.

That afternoon when I asked him about his experience, he told me that when he saw the pony come out of its cage, he went "whoa!" and when the pony went back into its cage, it made the sounds "yeehee yeehee"! *laugh*

Laetitia did have fun too but I suspect it was a little less interesting compared to her school's horse-riding camp in Rider's Lodge in Malaysia. She was able to ride a horse rather than a pony then. Therefore comparatively. A pony would seem less intimidating.

Here's the kids and I on my ponies and horse respectively.