Friday, June 27, 2008

Surprise! Surprise!

Well, I got back from Singapore yesterday and had been feeling REALLY tired all the time. Yesterday afternoon, I slept from 1pm to 6:30pm and practically jumped out of bed realising that I was going to soon be late to pick Laetitia up. Anyways, I went to bed at a regular time and this afternoon, I was smashed again. I had a shorter nap this time of about 3 hours or so. On top of this tiredness, I had no appetite for food too. Well, I thought it was all due to the jetlag initially.

As I was talking to Etienne this evening, I jokingly said that had I not known better, I would say that I am pregnant going by by I have been feeling over the last two days. And he joked back saying he will request for a DNA check for the baby since we have been apart for the 15 days I was away in Singapore. So, just before going to bed and as I was getting ready (which includes going to the toilet to pee) I thought to myself that I should just check to be sure. I have a stash of pregnancy test kits since we have been trying (or rather not preventing) for the last 6 months or so. I took the test but flippantly left it aside while I continued to take off my contact lense, wash my face, slap some cream on etc. When I was done, I took a look at the test and OMG! I literally said "OMG! This can't be?!" I walked out to the living room where Etienne was and I said something along the lines of "You won't believe it......" So, there we had it, TWO BRIGHT RED lines.

One reason it did not cross my mind that I could be pregnant is that by my calculation, I was supposed to be ovulating when I was in Singapore and not before BUT I guess I was wrong. This is seriously the work of God. No, I am not saying we did nothing. Of course we had made love before I went off to Singapore but the timing! It is all wrong according to my "calculations" but I guess God's timing is always right. :p

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Leaving Singapore tonight.

Our two weeks vacation is up and we're due to leave Singapore tonight (our flight is at 11.40pm). I would have loved to post more photos but sadly our camera is out of battery and I cannot find a multi function plug that I can use for my camera (which was bought in Canada) so the photos will come after I get back to Paris.

On a whole, Laetitia had a good time. She met up with so many friends of mine and of course all the different relatives. She had a good time with her cousins (Benjamin, Natasha and Natalia) since we stayed with them for most of the trip. She also enjoyed spending some time with her other cousins Nicholas and Dylan. It was funny when she told Nicholas (who is a very quiet boy), "talk to me kor kor (big brother), I'm talking to you!"

Her English language skills grew by leaps on bounds over the two week holidays. It is amazing to see how her English language ability developed from the first two days she was here (speaking 90% French and 10% English to the reverse situation now just before we leave). My sis who said that her kids spoke pretty early commented that Lae is much more talkative then her kids when they were her age (at 2 years 2 months). To give an example, once when she wakes up, she would greet me with "Good morning mummy", followed by "I slept/sleep well" (She uses slept and sleep interchangably since I usually ask her, "Did you sleep well?" and if she ask the same question, I reply with "Yes, I slept well". When it comes to her, she uses both interchangably so I think she has not yet understood the difference between the two tenses). After this, she normally would tell me, "I'm hungry Mummy, I want to go outside to eat breakfast with you." And of course I would ask her what she wants to eat and she would proceed to name me a few things.

I hope I can help her continue progressing in the language.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Meeting the family and friends.

We've had a very packed schedule with lots of lunches and dinners set up. It's been a little crazy and thanks to the use of Jaimie's car and Michelle's car seat, I have been able to take the little one with me to lunch appointments and come back by 2pm for her nap. Sometimes I would go out while she nap for some "me time" before rushing back in the late afternoon to go for a swim with her or some play time before heading out together again for our next dinner appointment.

In the last few days, we met up with my aunties and uncles, cousins and ex-colleagues. Funnily most of our meals are taken in restaurants. We also had some breakfast outside in a coffeeshop, Killiney Kaya toast and MacDonalds. In the middle of all these eating feast, I also managed to bring Laetitia to a little amusement area to enjoy some kiddy rides.

Here she is with her uncle (my brother) who has a little yellow bird resting on his hand and her cousin Valerie.
With my cousin-in-law, Joanne and Valerie. Yes, Laetitia and I are wearing the same dress. :p
Just the two kiddos.
A picture of all the uncles she met that day. This is made up of two extended families, my dad (with my brother, sister and myself) and my dad's second brother's family (with my three cousins). As it was Father's Day, one of my cousins bought a cake for all of the dads and we had them stand together while we made up a Happy Father's Day song (to the tune of Happy Birthday Day).
From left to right, my eldest female cousin's hubby, my dad, my uncle (dad's second brother), my cousin Jason, my brother and finally my cousin Thomas.
With my Godma/auntie (my mum's younger sister) and uncle Peter. They bought us dinner at a yummy Taiwanese porridge place on Amoy Street. I love love love the raw cockles. Food aside, Laetitia got on very well with her "Grand" Uncle Peter.
Here we are with my ex-colleagues from the long ago days in Visible Results (the last company I worked with in Singapore).
Here's one with my sister's family dog Rascal. Lae loves Rascal. Every morning she would look for me and want to caress him.
And finally the photos of her on all the rides she took a couple of days back.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Poor darling is sick.

My poor little one is down with fever and vomited twice yesterday evening. She's feeling better today but is still a little whingy.

Hopefully things will look up soon as she has been asking to go to the swimming pool but I prefer to stay away until she is fully recovered.

Added on 16th June.
PS: Thank God! She is recovered. :-)

Friday, June 13, 2008

We're in Singapore again!

Well well well... We're in Singapore for our annual trip to see family and friends. We left Paris on the night of the 8th, arrived late afternoon on the 9th and since then have been enjoying a packed but fun time. Laetitia is finally setting back into a good rhythm and I am also able to take some time off alone to meet some friends. Thanks to my sis, Doreen who kept her addition domestic helper for another month so that there could be someone devoted to watching Laetitia, I feel more at ease leaving her at home while I go out. And finally meeting with some friends. I cannot believe that I forgot to take pictures when we meet Jaimie and Michelle for lunch but the good thing is, we will be seeing more of the both of them. But here is the dinner date with Kylan, Kylene and Trixillia (and of course their mummies).

A shot of Trixillia taking a picture of me while I was taking a picture of them.
And here is Kylan and Kylene with Dolly and her helper.
We have 10 more days here in Singapore so I suppose there will be more photos coming. On a different topic, although Laetitia is sleeping well now, I, on the other hand, am not doing so good. I have a tendancy to fall asleep after putting her to bed at 8pm or maybe an hour later BUT I wake up all the time around midnight and cannot get back to sleep until 2am or later. And to add to that, I have a splitting headache. I hope things get better for me soon. Ciao.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Picnic in Champs de Mars

Last Saturday, we went to Champs de Mars for a picnic cum photoshoot. We invited Ivana and Isabelle along for the picnic since they live just 10 mins walk away. My friend Okailly was the photographer for the day and my intention is to have some nice selection of photos to bring with me to Singapore. At the same time, I am trying to compile a series of photos from my wedding all the way to present time to be presented in a coffeetable book for my 5th wedding anniversary.

Well, the photos from Okailly is not yet ready since it is taken on traditional film (both colour and black/white) instead of digital. And on top of that, I forgot to bring my camera along as we were rushing on Saturday morning. BUT, I did take some photos with my handphone, so here you go.

Running free with her favourite baguette in her hands.
Playing with Isabelle's ball.
After a tiring few hours of running around, chasing after pigeons and playing with other children, she crashed for more than an hour in the stroller while Etienne and I slowly make our way to the Champs Elysee to do some shopping. When she finally woke up, she was ready to explore again.

Yes, I can imitate how my papa walks.
A very good imitation. :-) Then again, lots of people tell me that she looks like a carbon copy of her dad.