Thursday, January 29, 2009

Growing well.

I had an ultrasound on Tuesday (36wks 2 days) and Loïc is 2.905kgs. He is going slightly down on the percentile but growing well. In the doctor's own words, he's a good size, big but not enormous. The current plan is still to try for a VBAC (birth vaginal birth after cesarean) and I would only need to schedule for a cesarean is if he is not here by 40+ wks. The C-section will then be fixed for 41 weeks 5days (the maximum they will allow me to go). Due to the previous cesarean, I cannot be induced so hopefully this little one will be more co-operative.

Here's some photos of me in my fully belly glory. At 36weeks 3days, after putting on a gross total of 6kgs.

Silly pomelo head!

I bought some pomelo from the supermarket and this is what happened during dinner time after I peeled the skin off.

Well, actually her papa started it by wearing it on his head! And of course the little one thought it was HILARIOUS and wanted to do the same. Oh yes, it did end up on my head too since the little one thought that it will be swell to have mummy spot the same style. What a family. :p

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day to day fun

Just a little update to show that my little pie is doing well. She is fully back to her cheeky self and has been eagerly telling everyone that she is going to be a jie jie (big sister). I had been quite sick with a flu so had not been dutifully updating the blog nor taking photos of my darling.

Here's just a recap of the last weeks.

Absolutely delighted to be sleeping in my bed!
Busy with her colouring.
Doing a little dance to one of her favourite songs.

Monday, January 26, 2009

33 wks ultrasound

It has been a while since I updated as I had been sick. I was down for two weeks with a terrible flu and am just starting to feel better.

Well, I had my third trimester ultrasound early Jan (5th) and Loïc is growing well. He is infact a rather big baby. He is estimated to weigh about 2,370g at 33wks 1 day which means that he could be more than 4kgs at full term birth! He is up to 91th percentile on some measurements. So, my ob/gynea is doing another scan tomorrow to get an update on his size/growth and decide on the options for the birth.

On a whole, he is doing well and moving lots. I prepared most of his stuff and ordered the bed/cradle yesterday. Manged to find the exact bed/cradle from an online store from Germany for a very good price. I also prepared the hospital bag, bought him his activity mat (Tiny love Gymini® TOTAL PLAYGROUND™ -- Kick & Play™ activity gym), bouncy chair, change mat etc. I think we're quite ready for him to arrive into this world.