Thursday, January 29, 2009

Silly pomelo head!

I bought some pomelo from the supermarket and this is what happened during dinner time after I peeled the skin off.

Well, actually her papa started it by wearing it on his head! And of course the little one thought it was HILARIOUS and wanted to do the same. Oh yes, it did end up on my head too since the little one thought that it will be swell to have mummy spot the same style. What a family. :p


Anonymous said...

you guys are hilarious! how come only photo of Lae with her "hat"? We want to see you and E with it too = )

Anonymous said...

HA! :p It's one thing for a little child to have a pomelo head and another for the parents to spot the same trick so nope, no such luck at seeing the parents being silly. :p You'll have to come by to our home to personally experience our "corniness".

Anonymous said...

Gosh they are all the same. N just did the same thing when I asked her to throw away the pomelo skin. She promptly put it on her head too !!

BTW X has never tried pomelo until I bought one home a few months ago & now it's the favorite in our family.