Thursday, January 29, 2009

Growing well.

I had an ultrasound on Tuesday (36wks 2 days) and Loïc is 2.905kgs. He is going slightly down on the percentile but growing well. In the doctor's own words, he's a good size, big but not enormous. The current plan is still to try for a VBAC (birth vaginal birth after cesarean) and I would only need to schedule for a cesarean is if he is not here by 40+ wks. The C-section will then be fixed for 41 weeks 5days (the maximum they will allow me to go). Due to the previous cesarean, I cannot be induced so hopefully this little one will be more co-operative.

Here's some photos of me in my fully belly glory. At 36weeks 3days, after putting on a gross total of 6kgs.

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