Monday, January 26, 2009

33 wks ultrasound

It has been a while since I updated as I had been sick. I was down for two weeks with a terrible flu and am just starting to feel better.

Well, I had my third trimester ultrasound early Jan (5th) and Loïc is growing well. He is infact a rather big baby. He is estimated to weigh about 2,370g at 33wks 1 day which means that he could be more than 4kgs at full term birth! He is up to 91th percentile on some measurements. So, my ob/gynea is doing another scan tomorrow to get an update on his size/growth and decide on the options for the birth.

On a whole, he is doing well and moving lots. I prepared most of his stuff and ordered the bed/cradle yesterday. Manged to find the exact bed/cradle from an online store from Germany for a very good price. I also prepared the hospital bag, bought him his activity mat (Tiny love Gymini® TOTAL PLAYGROUND™ -- Kick & Play™ activity gym), bouncy chair, change mat etc. I think we're quite ready for him to arrive into this world.

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