Monday, December 29, 2008

Presents time

Just to share a video of Laetitia's joy when she opens her presents.

You can also hear in the background her cousin's excitement when opening his present (an iPod). These two kids were definitely spoiled over Christmas with an abundance of presents.

As an aside, here in France when it comes to presents, they keep very much to the mystery/magic of Father Christmas. NO presents placed under the Christmas tree until after the kids go to bed. Everyone has to put a pair of shoes under the tree so that Father Christmas (Santa Claus) will know where to put your presents. The children will tend wake up very excited in the morning to see what presents they received from Santa. All the presents come from Santa so the kids do not know who gave them what (except until they realised that Santa is all a myth then they are expected to thank the person who gave them the gifts). Opening of presents takes place first thing in the morning once everyone in the house is up. For us, on Christmas morning it took us 1 1/2hrs to do that!


Anonymous said...

How excited the two children were! I was wondering whose voice that was in the background who kept saying Merci Merci! Here's to tradition and Father Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the kids were showered with gifts. Hahahha, actually everyone in the family received very nice presents, me included. I actually teared when I opened my present since Etienne totally surprised me with the new camera as I had not even mentioned a word about it but was thinking I need a new camera and laptop around next year. :p