Sunday, November 2, 2008

Laetitia's first bake

Today I decided to do something different with Laetitia and we baked! I had her help to prepare the muffin tray, pour the ingredients into the big mixing bowl and stir before I used the mixer to give it a final touch before putting the cake into the oven. We made chocolate chip yogurt cake/muffins.

Here's the final results.

I thought that using nice 70% cocoa lindt cooking chocolate would be nice but in the end, the chocolate made the cake a bit too bitter. I'll stick to cheap chocolate chips in future. :p

Well, it's been a little while since I post the last picture of her so here's one of Laetitia lined up in bed with her stuffed friends.


Anonymous said...

hmmm... yummy! we've been baking chocolate muffins too over here. Shall we swap muffins?

Anonymous said... to share ya chocolate chip yogurt muffins? I am learning to bake and managed to have some successful bakes..haha...
can u email the receipe to me at

Many thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I don't think we can trade muffins Ivana. There are only 3 little muffins left after a day! I doubt those three will last beyond breakfast time tomorrow morning.

Mummymash, I'll email you the recipe.