Tuesday, March 20, 2007


So, that's it. Laetitia has been weaned. It was not exactly the way I scheduled it to be. I was intending to wean around the end of the month but since I have been sick as a dog for the last week, I did not breastfeed her at all and that's it. It's over. And I MISS it. I miss having her little face snuggled right next to my breast and the happy blissful look on her face as she suckle away. I know she does too since sometimes she goes "nai nai nai" when I carry her close to my chest (which is very seldom in the last week since I am full of germs!).

I am very cautious about being close to her as I have been coughing lots, blowing my nose and had slight conjuntivitis so even though I washed my hands as frequently as possible and use the antibacterial hand gel, I feel like I have viruses/germs/bacterials hovering all over me. Well, she has started to cough again and is currently suffering from conjuntivitis. Poor darling. No "nai nai nai" to comfort her and at the same time, she has to go through all these too.

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