Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bottle feeding Laetitia

We have tried bottle feeding Laetitia with expressed breast milk a couple of times. It was working the first few times but the last two times that I went out and left Etienne and Laetitia at home, she refuse to take the bottle. Both times she just went to bed without her last feed and I would give her the breast when I get back (about 3 hours passed her feeding time!).

Etienne and I decided we have to try to get her to take the bottle and we will have to practise more. Etienne felt that maybe the last feed of the day before sleeping is not a good time to try as Laetitia can be crankier than usual. With that in mind, we tried it during my little chouchou mid afternoon feed. Well, it went much better than the last two times. She was at least taking the bottle and drinking though not a lot. That was better than nothing. This time, we thought that it might be that the flow from the teats was too slow. We will try a faster flow the next time.

Here's her daddy feeding her.

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