Friday, November 2, 2007

Childcare options

Work has been keeping me away from blogging about my little pie. Any free time I have (when Laetitia sleeps) seems to be used on researching about childcare options. There are many different options of childcare and it is so hard to decide on what would be the best for Laetitia. Currently we have a combination of a part-time nanny and a daycare/creche. To me, this seems like a wonderful solution as she gets different modes of care (individual attention and collective care with fantastic socialisation with other children). The only issue bugging me is that I cannot be sure about how the individual care is going since Lae cannot actually communicate it yet. Well, she sort of does and that is what made me worried. She does not seem to want to be taken care of by our current nanny. Then again, my rational mind tells me that it might be due to the fact that everytime my little darling sees her nanny, she knows that I am leaving home for work. So when I asked if she wants to see her nanny, her answer is no, as she knows that would mean mummy is leaving.

In any case, my rational mind and instinct is saying to stick with the current setup for another month to see how things progress. I guess we could either send Laetitia to a full time creche or find another nanny if I want a dual childcare system.

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