Saturday, April 5, 2008

A new hair cut.

I gave Laetitia a little haircut today since I felt that it was time for one. Frankly, I think that she looks quite different now with her little fringe. I am hoping that it will grow nicely in the next couple of months and it will look just fine in time for a little photoshoot in June when we are in Singapore for a visit.

A closer look.
Here is just a photo of her when I used to sweep her hair to the side.



What do you think?


Anonymous said...

How funny, I'd just cut Belle's hair this evening too... but you're def more adventurous! I cut off only 2mm! Scardy-cat! Iknow! You seem to know how to handle the shears, you can give Belle a trendy fringe cut next time too = )

Anonymous said...

Hahaha.... well, bangs are seriously in now isn't it. No worries, I won't charge too much for a haircut. Just a coffee will do. I've always thought I had some talents in hairdressing. :p