Thursday, May 28, 2009

Flipping on his own.

First "major" skill development this week! Loïc learnt to flip from belly to back on his left side!

Go Loïc Go!

Well, on Monday, while we were having some belly time, I showed him how to use his right hand to push himself from the belly position back to his back and after helping him two or three times, he got it! He started doing it himself and for the next two days, he was able to do it a couple of times everytime we had belly time. And since yesterday, he was able to flip himself every single time I put him on the belly. :-) Well, I am not sure if it is such a good thing since he dislikes belly time and now it means that he will be getting himself back on his back instead of spending some time on his belly. Ah the first of mobility!

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