Monday, June 1, 2009

The big move.

Last night Loïc made the big move from his cradle to the cot and from my room to his shared room with Laetitia. It was a move I contemplated for a long time. Will he wake Laetitia up in the middle of the night? Will Laetitia wake him up early in the morning? Question, questions and more questions. Worry, worries and more worries.

Well, it actually went quite well. He called out in the night at about 3:00am, I heard him and quickly went to pick him up. Laetitia did not even stir. The same thing happened at about 6:30am. This time, I let him call out for a good 10 mins before going to him and again, Laetitia was sound asleep all the way through.

In the morning, Laetitia called out when she woke and this time, Loïc slept through it. So, it seems like both of them are keeping to their original rhythm without upsetting the other one.

The one whose sleep was most disturbed in all of this was Etienne's! He did not sleep well as he was woken up by me going to get Loïc in the night and was not able to get back to sleep before I finished nursing, came back into bed, fell asleep and then promptly snored (well, my excuse is I'm suffering from a bad cold) which eventually prevented him from falling asleep. Well, we'll try something else tonight to see if it would help him sleep better. :p

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