Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vaccinations and a little scare!

Today I took Loïc to the doctor for his vaccinations. It did not go as smoothly as the previous time. The little boy wailed his lungs out when he was given the shots. Yes, shots. Two to be exact. He had the Hexa (includes diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis-inactivated polio-hepatitis B and Hib) and the Prevenar (a pneumococcal vaccine that contains extracts from seven of the most common types of Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria). It seemed like he knew something was going on even before he received the shots. He started crying and would make his little sad face at the doctor. At some point, I wanted to laugh but had to control myself so that I do not look like a mean and horrible mum (Though the second part of this post will show you why I am a horrible mum).

I am glad though that we are in France at the moment while the little one is going through his immunisation schedule. Firstly, the jabs are all free. I understand from some friends in Singapore that for the same vaccination that Loïc went through today would have cost about S$250. And secondly, aside from the cost, I was also prescribe a patch to numb both the thigh area so that there will be less pain for him which is quite unheard of in Singapore.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that Loïc will not have any fever tonight.

And for the records, he is 6.8kgs and 61cm long. He may be three months old but he is wearing some 6 months old clothes.

Well, besides going for his shots today, something else happened. I had a terrible scare. One that was so bad I was trembling all over for a good while when it happened.

We normally bath Loïc in a little tub set a on wooden plank over the bath tub. The wooden plank is homemade and Etienne created a little safety block on one side to prevent the plank from sliding when it is being used. Today after I filled the tub and put Loïc inside, I realised that I had place the plank with the safety block on the wrong side. That means that the plank could slide off the side of the bath tub and if that happens, the small tub would actually fall into the tub. Now, I am sure you know what is going to happen.

I decided that instead of taking him out of the tub, drying him, putting him on the bed, emptying the tub, switching the plank to the right side, refilling the tub and putting him back in is too much trouble. I told myself I'll be careful. Hmmmm.... Well I was careful right to the very end. Just as he was about done and I was just letting him play and enjoy a little splashing time in the tub, the plank somehow slide off the edge of the bath tub and you guess it! The small tub and Loïc went tumbling down! I cannot remember how it happened nor how Loïc fell. All I remember was feeling shock before recovering in seconds and quickly scooping Loïc out of little tub. He fell along with the little tub and was still inside it when I grabbed him out. I held him close to me, quickly wrap the towel around him so that he will not be cold but I was trembling. I was so scared that he was hurt. He was crying but seemed more shocked than injured.

I carried him into the bedroom and was really scared. I called Etienne but could barely get words out as I was still trembling from the shock. Loïc soon calmed down but I was still in a state of shock. I felt like the worst mum ever.

Thank goodness my little one is not hurt. I checked him and there was not a single bruise on him. Plus he was back to his cheery self once he stopped crying. I think I am the one who is much more affected by this incident. Gosh, when will I learn? SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY first!


Ivana said...

Oh how scary that must have been! We've all been there though dear, thinking that we'll be careful and plop down they go off the bed or crashing into the door etc... Hope you're feeling better! I'm guessing Loic has forgotten it already = )

petite fleur said...

Agree with Ivana. It's probably us that get the biggest shock. They recover so quickly as well & don't worry I'm sure he's not going to hold it against you when he's older.

Sandra said...

It's true since he is not any worse after that experience. He continue to enjoy his bath yesterday.

Sigh, well, at least I'm fair, both my kids have fallen somehow at least once due to my negligence.

Wendy said...

Aiyoh, my hearts go to Loic. I am scared when i read your blog.
Luckily Loic is fine after this. All moms go through this.
Hey Sandra, one suggestion: why don't you put the small tub directly into the big tub, then it is definitely sure that ca va pas tomber plus loin! Before i put the small tub on the toilet seat, then i migrated to carrying the tub to the bedroom, now i just put the baby tub as mentioned as it is easier for water to run. Of course it is not as easy as before in terms of height, but it is safe.