Saturday, May 2, 2009

My little artist

As with all kids, Laetitia loves to draw, colour and paint. On her third birthday, her auntie (Etienne's sister) bought her an easel. She has been using it a lot and yesterday we finally got down to doing some painting. It took so long because I had not been able to buy her the paint brush as she had repeatedly asked me. So, after I got my act together and got her the brush, she was very excited to start painting.

Here is a series of photos of her painting away and being ever so proud of her work.

I try as much as possible to indulge her in the things she loves to do even if it may seem that the particular activity would create a lot of mess. Firstly, I believe in helping my child to develope her interest/gift/talent. Secondly, I also believe that my child should be taught to help to clean up if she made a mess and of course, not to be afraid to make a mess if it is necessary! In the same breath, Laetitia has also been taught to keep things clean and tidy. If anything, in all the time she took to do the painting, there was not a splash of paint outside of the easel. In fact, her plastic apron was all clean too. I am very proud of her being so well controlled while painting away.

Recently she made a drawing too. Here it is.
When I asked her about this drawing, her answers made me laugh. I was asking her what her drawing was about and she said it's two person but the two had no hair. Then she smile and said it's because they are her papou (Etienne's dad) and papy Jean (Etienne's granddad) as they have no hair! :p Well, indeed both her papou and papy Jean are quite bald.

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