Saturday, March 6, 2010

Some moments of fun for the kids

We're slowly settling down in Singapore and the kids are enjoying themselves in the meantime.

Here's a little video of what they have been up to.

And here are some photos.

Laetitia and Vanessa, the eldest daughter of my good friend Michelle. Laetitia just loves Vanessa and keeps asking to see her and the feeling is mutual.
Here's the kids visiting my auntie/uncle and cousin/cousin-in-law on the last day of Chinese New Year for "yusheng".

Laetitia enjoying some love letters (egg rolls), traditional Chinese New Year goodies.
With my cousin in law and auntie.
Loïc with his favourite toy, a remote control. He is remote control obsessed right now, so much so that my cousins ask if we have them at home. Well, we do but we do not allow him to play with them. :p

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